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          The warranty period for the host is one (1) year from the date of purchase, for battery and charger is six (6) months from the date of purchase, for other accessories is three (3) months from the date of purchase.



          The Repaired Product will be covered by the same terms and conditions as this warranty for the balance of the original warranty period. Repair a Product damaged by causes other than those set out in item (a) to (i) herein below is at Huawei’s sole option.


          This warranty does not cover any Products:


          a) That have been subjected to misuse, accidental, shipping or other physical damage ,improper installation, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, inundation, fire, water or other liquid intrusion;

          b) That has been damaged due to repair, alteration, or modification by anyone not authorized by Huawei Ltd.

          c) That have reception or operations problems caused by signal conditions, network reliability or cable or antenna systems;

          d) That have Defects or problem caused by use with non- Huawei products or accessories; or

          e) From which warranty/quality sticker, product serial number or electronic serial number has been removed, altered, defaced or otherwise rendered illegible;

          f) That were purchased, used, serviced, or shipped for repair from outside the original country of purchase, or used for commercial or institutional purposes (including but not limited to Products used for rental purposes);

          g) That was returned without valid proof of purchase or which proof of purchase has been altered or is illegible;

          h) Damaged or deteriorated through normal wear and tear or Force including but not limited to Acts of God, government acts, or decrees, domestic or international disputes, riots, commotions, wars (civil or otherwise), strikes, floods ,fire ,earthquake, shortages, supplier defaults, etc, and/or

          i) Whereby fraudulent or negligent information was provided to the point of sales (dealers/operators) or Huawei’s authorized service/repair center.


          For the avoidance of doubt, Huawei and our Authorized Service Center are under no obligation and hereby reserves the right not to repair any product that is damaged by any of the causes set out in item (a) to (i) hereinabove.

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