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          huawei matepad pro 5g

          HUAWEI FullView Display | Kirin 990 5G SoC Chipset | Huawei Share1

          huawei matepad pro 5g

          Your Vision

          huawei matepad pro 5g fullview display

          With the 90%2 screen-to-body ratio and bezels stripped back to 4.9mm3, the 10.8 inch HUAWEI FullView Display4 offers remarkable visual experiences, whether you are seeking inspirations or just catching up on some work. Every dark or bright detail looks vivid and clear with its DCI-P3 cinematic level color gamut and 540nit5 brightness.

          from Nature

          Capturing beautiful colours from nature, HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G comes with two options. Wrapped in an elegant vegan leather6, the dignified Forest Green delivers a tranquil style, while the refreshing Orange adds more punch to your daily life.

          huawei matepad pro 5g color orange
          huawei matepad pro 5g color green

          Design, Classy Style

          The 492g7 thin body is gracefully designed to be portable and durable. Slip it in your backpack almost like a piece of paper. The invisible antenna design contributes a sleek and pure look, while the subtle micro-curve frame ergonomically fits your hands. Wherever you go, HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G travels with you in style and comfort.

          huawei matepad pro 5g lightweight design

          Extraordinary 5G

          HUAWEI Kirin 990 5G SoC adopts a 7nm+ EUV processor that integrates a 5G modem in one SoC. Featuring innovative architectures of three efficiency levels, HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G presents greatly improved performance and elevated energy efficiency. It works smarter with HUAWEI’s self-developed NPU that intelligently allocates computing power with advanced AI performance8, embracing the explosive growth of the 5G era.

          huawei matepad pro 5g kirin 990 5G

          Cool and

          With HUAWEI’s self-developed ultra-thin 3D graphite heat dissipation technology, HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G can easily tackle the challenges in the 5G era. Stream or download ultra-HD videos with high speed, play all your graphic intensive 3D games and dive into the thrills of the 5G world without breaking a sweat.

          huawei matepad pro 5g cooling

          Stay in Power

          The world’s first tablet to support 27W wireless charging and up to 7.5W Reverse Wireless Charging9, so you can power up your other gadgets on the go10. Its large-capacity battery and 40W SuperCharge can effortlessly support you for up to 12 hours11, so you will be ready for some extra challenges.


          Wireless Charging


          Large Battery


          Reverse Wireless Charging

          huawei matepad pro 5g charging wireless
          huawei matepad pro 5g charging reverse

          Huawei Share1

          Once connected12, your smartphone will step into the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G, that two devices will merge into "ONE" super device. Your phone screen is projected on your tablet which allows you to operate on bigger screen with greater freedom. Now you can make a call, send a message13, and check photos from your phone on the tablet screen. You can also drag and drop files between the two devices, and edit them while chatting with friends on your phone using the same keyboard.14 This cross-device collaboration makes life and work easier.

          huawei matepad pro 5g huawei share

          High Efficiency

          The innovative Multi-Window15 feature of EMUI1016 empowers efficient multi-tasking for your work and play. Check previous notes while preparing presentations. Tap on the dock to show the shortcut menu. Get a floating window for a message reply without interrupting the on-going operation. A more convenient and immersive experience with split-screen.

          huawei matepad pro 5g emui10

          Your View

          The HUAWEI APP Multiplier17 allows spontaneous operation of the same APP. Your shopping options can be showed side by side for you to compare and news reading can be more informative as you can check the relevant reports and photos displayed in parallel.

          huawei matepad pro 5g app Multiplier

          Sync Your

          The brand new HUAWEI M-pencil18 looks fresh and stylish with its hexagonal integrated design. It writes naturally like a pencil on paper, but even better with versatile strokes and features. Whether you are having a meeting, making a shopping list or just exploring your creativity, HUAWEI M-pencil stays in sync with your thoughts.

          huawei matepad pro 5g m-pencil experience

          With a pencil tip made of selected composite materials, HUAWEI M-pencil ensures a smooth writing flow. Everything you create appears instantly on the screen with nearly no latency. Equipped with 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity19, it captures every nuance of your movement, for writing or drawing.

          Pair Automatically,
          Attach Magnetically,
          Charge Wirelessly

          Gently attach it to the top of your tablet, HUAWEI M-pencil can be wirelessly charged to full capacity within one hour. Ready for a busy and creative day20. No need to wait for a quick note. The charging of 30 seconds allows it to work for 10 minutes21 so you won’t miss a thing.

          huawei matepad pro 5g m-pencil
          huawei matepad pro 5g m-pencil charge huawei matepad pro 5g m-pencil charge

          Your Ideas
          Come to Life

          When inspiration comes, seize it immediately with HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G. Tap the screen when it is off.22 Use your HUAWEI M-pencil to wake it up and directly access the Notepad. Taking notes or drawing sketches, the variety of colors and brushes help you turn thoughts into visible ideas, while the intelligent typesetting and flexible editing organize the content for future review, edit and keyword search.23

          huawei matepad pro 5g memo
          huawei matepad pro 5g nebo
          huawei matepad pro 5g nebo

          Nebo® is a MyScript® app.
          Nebo ® and MyScript® are registered trademarks by MyScript in China, the United States, France, and other countries and regions.

          A Partner for
          Every Task

          Stay focused on your big ideas and leave the rest to HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G. With versatile WPS features24, it helps you to work with more efficiency and ease. Use Voice Note-taking to leave your comments while doodling in smart ink mode to circle or highlight important parts for further editing. Plug in the 260g magnetic keyboard25, you will be immersed in the delightful rhythm of typing with the 1.33mm keystroke travel which feels like a real laptop keyboard. You can also adjust it with dual stand angles to fit in different lighting and environments.

          huawei matepad pro 5g keyboard

          Powerful Sound
          to Touch Your Heart

          Compact as it is, HUAWAI MatePad Pro 5G is packed with the quad-channel and quad-speaker sound system. With the Histen 6.0 3D stereo, it produces remarkable sound to touch your heart. Tuned by Harman Kardon® Audio, you can enjoy the rich acoustic details and be overwhelmed by the powerful sound waves everywhere. More than that, the circumferential five microphones enabling 360° noise cancellation ensure your voice can be heard clear and loud.

          huawei matepad pro 5g app sound wave
          huawei matepad pro 5g app sound wave
          huawei matepad pro 5g app sound wave
          huawei matepad pro 5g app sound wave
          huawei matepad pro 5g app sound wave
          1. This feature is only supported on some HUAWEI phones running EMUI10 or later and Honor phones running Magic UI 3.0 or later. HUAWEI Mate 30 series (updated to or later) are the first patch of smartphones to support this feature. Other models will be gradually upgraded to support this feature. For details, please visit the official website.
          2. Data comes from Huawei labs. The screen-to-body ratio is calculated by dividing the active area (AA) by the area of the touch panel (TP). The actual screen-to-body ratio may vary.
          3. The bezel data is based on HUAWEI lab results. The actual size may vary according to the configuration and manufacturing process.
          4. FullView display is a common concept in the industry, usually referring to a screen with narrow bezels and a high screen-to-body ratio. HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G adopts rounded corner design, and when measured as a standard rectangular display, its diagonal length is 10.8 inches. The actual size of the screen may vary depending on configuration and manufacturing process.
          5. 540nit is typical value.
          6. Vegan leather refers to PU leather.
          7. 492g is product weight excluding the weight of the keyboard. The actual weight may vary according to the configuration and manufacturing process.
          8. The data is based on HUAWEI lab results compared to Kirin 980.
          9. Wireless fast charging port needs to be purchased separately. The Reverse Wireless Charging feature supports only the devices that have passed the HUAWEI lab tests. Reverse Wireless Charging is disabled by default and needs to be enabled in the battery option of the settings menu before using.
          10. Only devices that have passed HUAWEI lab tests support reverse wireless charging.
          11. In normal circumstances, the data is based on HUAWEI lab results. The battery lasts 12 hours for 1080P local video playback. The actual data may vary depending on the product model, software version, usage conditions, and environment.
          12. Three methods to establish connection: ① Bluetooth nearby detection: Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the tablet and the smartphone. On the tablet, enable Multi-screen Collaboration from the drop-down menu. When the phone is within 20cm approximately radius from the tablet, a dialog box will be displayed on the screen, asking whether to connect the phone to the tablet. Touch OK to establish connection. ② Touch the huawei matepad pro 5g icon icon on right-side Shift button of the keyboard to set up connection. ③ Click Scan connection in the Multi-screen Collaboration feature and scan the QR code using the HUAWEI browser on your mobile phone to establish connection.
          13. This feature is supported by the communication capability of the smartphone and it is not available on the tablet alone.
          14. This feature is supported by specific apps.
          15. The installed version is EMUI 10.0.1 and supports future updates. This feature is available only when HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G is connected to the Internet and apps that support this function are updated to the latest version.
          16. The installed version is EMUI 10.0.1 and supports future updates.
          17. This feature is compatible with some apps. The specific compatible app list will be updated in the future. Actual usage may vary depending on specific apps.
          18. HUAWEI M-pencil needs to be purchased separately.
          19. This feature is compatible with some apps. Actual usage may vary depending on writing methods and specific apps.
          20. The data is based on HUAWEI lab results and for reference only. Actual usage may vary. A day refers to working time of 10 hours in a day.
          21. The data is based on HUAWEI lab results and for reference only. Actual usage may vary.
          22. Refer to screen-off standby mode.
          23. This feature is supported by Nebo for HUAWEI.
          24. The following features are available only when HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G is connected to the Internet and relevant apps are updated to the latest version.
          25. The keyboard is compatible with HUAWEI MatePad Pro and needs to be purchased separately.