How to maintain battery health, and extend battery life?

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How to maintain battery health, and extend battery life?

Smartphones use lithium batteries, which are hardly affected by usage habits. Therefore, upon using your phone for the first time, there is no need to activate the battery, drain the battery to 0%, or continue charging after the battery has already reached 100%. Simply charge your battery to a full battery.

Battery usage and maintenance tips

  • Use a standard charger to charge your phone.

  • Avoid draining your phone battery to below 20%, as this may result in over-discharging.

  • Avoid charging your phone while using it, as this may cause overheating and degrade battery performance.

  • Avoid using your phone in extremely high- or low-temperature environments, or when there are significant temperature fluctuations, as this may also degrade battery performance.

When storing your phone for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you first power off the phone, and fully charge it on occasion. Draining the battery for over an extended period of time may result in the phone being unable to be recharged.

If your device is facing with fast battery consumption issue, please perform the following to extend battery life.

  • Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode

Go to Settings > Battery, then enable Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode.

  • Darken interface colours (applicable on OLED screens only)

Go to Settings > Battery, then enable Darken interface colours.

  • Optimise battery usage

Go to Settings > Battery. Locate Optimise battery usage on top, touch it to check the battery status, then select items to optimise if applicable.

Power saving operations may affect the user experience.

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