Enabling Smart Charge and Smart Battery Capacity

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Enabling Smart Charge and Smart Battery Capacity

Enabling Smart Charge and Smart Battery Capacity

Intelligent devices are equipped with a professional power management module, which ensures that the power module runs securely and reliably, especially in high- and low-temperature environments, when the battery lifespan has deteriorated, and in other unexpected situations. The power management function is enabled by default, and some functions cannot be disabled.

For phones and tablets running EMUI 9.1, Magic UI 2.1 or later, the Smart Charge and Smart Battery Capacity features are added to the power management module. You can view them by going to Settings > Battery > More battery settings. These features are enabled by default to effectively delay battery ageing and prolong the battery lifespan. Therefore, it is advised that you keep them enabled.

The features and GUIs may vary according to the product and software version.

Smart Charge

If Smart Charge is enabled, the system AI will learn from your charging habits. When the system detects that you tend to charge your phone for an extended period of time (such as overnight), it may automatically enable Smart Charge to pause charging when the battery level reaches a certain value during charging. In this case, you will see a message in the notification panel indicating that the device has entered Smart Charge. The system will resume charging your device before you use the device based on your charging habits. This prevents the battery from being charged for a long time when the battery level has already reached 100%, and slows down battery ageing. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep this feature on.

Note that Smart Charge does not affect the normal charging speed, and only pauses charging. When it takes effect, you can manually resume charging in the notification panel at any time.

① Information about charging habits is only used locally and will not be backed up or uploaded to the cloud.

Smart Charge does not take effect for all users, and it depends on users' charging habits. The functions and GUIs may vary by product model and software version.

Settings > Battery > More battery settings

Smart Battery Capacity

The peak capacity is the maximum available capacity of a battery in the current state. As all rechargeable batteries are consumables, the battery ages with increased usage time, and the battery capacity decreases. As a result, the standby time will decrease gradually, too.

If Smart Battery Capacity is enabled, the system intelligently manages the peak battery capacity based on the battery ageing status, and slows down the battery ageing speed. This may slightly affect the battery performance, but it is still recommended that you enable this feature to extend the battery lifespan by going to:

Settings > Battery > More battery settings

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