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1. The HiCare APP is a built-in service application for offering you a quick access to services.
2. It is a service entry point integrated with post return, reservation, online customer service and many other services.
3. You may open the HiCare APP for a specialized solution at one stroke in case of any handset issues.

Technique Recommendations

Provide techniques for scenarized and life-oriented products according to user demands, better making customers get proficient in their handsets

Service Support

Integrated with entry points for numerous after-sale services, offering all-round solutions for handset issues

Service Rights

Manage your device rights via the Huawei account, check the service progress and device status, thus enjoying a better service experience

Recommended Techniques

The techniques are essential for a new handset. You can browse and learn multiple features for the exciting handset usage experience.

Gallery Phone Management And Many More

One-stop Service and Support

Self Analysing the handset performance whether it is Software or Hardware and guidance to resolve the problem:

Troubleshooting     Intelligent Detection     Guided Solutions

Step by Step guide for the consumers to resolve the problem and enhance the handset performance.

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**Please note, our services are region specific, may vary in your region or country

Service Centres Live Chat Hotline Send for Repair Repair Reservation Spare part prices Service policy

Intelligent Detection

Detect a software/hardware problem is your handset automatically at one stroke, or speak to your customer care representatives for analysing the device performance remotely.

Upgrading for a Better Experience

Latest software and application updates for experiencing fresh new contents with a great fun.

Service Centres

Check for the nearest Service Centres near you, with the complete on route information, Business Hours, etc.

Personal Service Information

Check and manage your own personal information and device-specific information

Account Information Device Information

How to Find HiCare

Method I

Enable the HiCare APP on Your Desktop

Find the member service icon on the desktop of Huawei handsets, enter the application by clicking the icon

Method II

Use Hiboard to Search for HiCare

Click any blank space on the screen to display a search box, input "HiCare" to find it, then enter the application by clicking it.

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