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      The HUAWEI Mate 8 sports a 4,000 mAh high-capacity battery combined with a Kirin950 chipset and SmartPower technology. The battery provides an incredible 1.65 days of use for heavy users (or 2.36 days for regular users). And when you're not using your HUAWEI Mate 8, power management technology helps to give you an unprecedented 22 days' standby time.*
      Long-lasting Performance
      With HUAWEI's cutting-edge 9 V / 2 A fast-charging technology, you can fully charge your HUAWEI Mate 8 in just 2.5 hours. You can get a full day's use out of a 30-minute charge-perfect for when time is precious and power outlets are scarce.*
      Power Up with Less Down Time
      Power Up with Less Down Time
      'Heart Beat' is an all-new smart power-saving technology introduced for the HUAWEI Mate 8. It continuously scans your apps to determine an optimum ratio between power usage and performance, reducing the power consumption of background apps by up to 50%.*
      Fine Tuned for Optimum Efficiency
      Fine Tuned for Optimum Efficiency

      *Battery capacity 4,000 mAh is typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly.

      Charging data obtained by Huawei labouratories. Charging tests are conducted at a temperature of 25 ℃, in 45% - 80% humidity.

      Online: Screen brightness set to 60 nits, with 4G connectivity at greater than 90 dBm, viewing a static web page.

      Calling: 3G connection environment, with connection strength greater than 80 dBm, screen off, using earphones at 50% volume.

      Video: Screen brightness set to 60 nits, 4G signal strength with full bars, playing a 720p video file with earphones at 50% volume.

      Actual times will vary based on actual phone usage.

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