My HUAWEI phone/tablet freezes or responds slowly

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My HUAWEI phone/tablet freezes or responds slowly

It is normal for the phone/tablet to freeze for a short period of time after a system update. If it is not after a system update when this issue occurs, perform the following steps to troubleshoot.

Reason why your phone/tablet is prone to freezing after a system update: The system optimises apps after the device has just been updated. During this time, your device may be overloaded and subsequently start to lag. It is recommended that you charge your phone/tablet for at least 2 hours with the screen off after a system update, and then restart your device to ensure that the optimisation is complete.

1. Clear the storage space and running memory

If your device's running memory or storage space is insufficient, the app may freeze while being used. Open Phone Manager/Tablet Manager, and clean it.

  • Open Phone Manager/Tablet Manager, and touch OPTIMISE. Once the optimisation is complete, Phone Manager/Tablet Manager will display the results and settings recommendations. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the settings.

  • Open Phone Manager/Tablet Manager and touch Cleanup. After the scan is complete, touch Clean next to the items to be cleaned. Delete redundant files or uninstall apps that are not frequently used, so that at least 20% of total memory is freed up.

2. Restart the device

Restart your device and try again. Restarting will halt all apps being run and reduce the occurrence of freezing.

3. Check whether the device has heated up or is being charged

The overheat protection function on the device can reduce system performance. It is recommended that you avoid using your device while it is charging, as well as reduce the screen brightness and disable power-intensive apps and features, such as Bluetooth and NFC.

4. Check the memory card

  1. Too many files in the memory card may slow down read and write speeds. It is recommended that you keep at least 10% of the storage memory available. You can clear unnecessary files in the memory card or back up important data and format the memory card.
  2. The memory card may be faulty. If the device has prompted you that the memory card is faulty, replace the memory card at your earliest convenience.
  3. If your device's default storage location is a memory card, set the default location to the internal storage and try again.

5. Disable Power saving mode, and make sure the battery level is sufficient

Disable Power saving mode by going to Settings > Battery > Power saving mode/Ultra power saving mode. Also, remember to keep the battery level above 20%. If Power saving mode is enabled or the battery level is too low, your device will restrict certain features in order to extend the battery life.

6. Uninstall any third-party phone/tablet management apps

Uninstall any third-party management apps installed on your phone/tablet, as they may come into conflict with the pre-installed Phone Manager/Tablet Manager app and cause lagging.

7. Check whether the phone/tablet is downloading, copying, or transferring files

If your device is uploading or downloading files, pictures, videos, or apps, copying data (such as from Files), or transferring data (such as via Phone Clone and Huawei Share), it may take a while for your device to respond. In this case, wait for the task to complete or halt the task.

You can swipe down from the status bar to view the progress of file uploads, downloads, and transfers.

8. Update the system version

  • If your device has been rooted, restore it to its factory settings. For details, please contact Huawei customer service.
  • If the device still responds slowly, make sure the system is up to date, as performance will be better in later version. To update your device, open Settings, search for and access Software update, and touch Check for updates.

9 Reset phone

Back up important data and Reset phone, and see whether the issue is resolved.

10. If the issue persists

If the issue remains unresolved, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorised Huawei Customer Service Centre for assistance.

It is recommended that you charge your phone overnight, or for more than 40 minutes with the screen off, to allow the phone to defragment memory and resolve the issue.

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