HUAWEI Mate Xs 2
Platinum Service

Buy HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 products now,
enjoy exclusive service benefits waiting for your experience.

Platinum Service

  • 3 Months HUAWEI Care
    Screen Protection Service

    Enjoy one time accidental damage screen replacement for free within three months from the date of purchase, privilege claim fee applied.

    *  Accidental screen damage include collision/ drop/ squeeze.

    *  Only one time screen replacement per device within 3 months.

  • 12 Months Warranty Service
    (Muti-Country Support)

    Enjoy 1 year manufacture warranty service in GCC countries .

    * GCC countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar.

  • Convenient Door-To-Door Service

    Enjoy free pick up & return service at your doorstep for any device repair requirement

  • High-end Spare Phone Service

    Enjoy free high-end spare phone loan service for any device maintenance period.

  • One-to-One Consultant Service

    Enjoy exclusive priority consultant service in online & offline service channel.

More Care, Less Worries

  • 1 Year HUAWEI Care Screen Protection Service

    With Nano Optical Layer Replacement Service just for QAR 999

    Additional Protection to Your Screen

  • 1 Year HUAWEI Care Extended Warranty (Multi-Country Support) Service

    Just for QAR 499

    Extend the Life of Your Device with Low Cost

  • 1 Year Screen Anti-reflection Nano Optical Layer Replacement Service

    Once a year just for QAR 149
    Twice a year just for QAR 249

    90 Days Warranty/ Safeguard Your Daily Use

How to Query the Rights

  • "My HUAWEI" App

    Open the "My HUAWEI" App and select the entitlement inquiry function in the quick service to inquire about detailed information such as device entitlements

  • Mate Xs Series Online service

    Chat us 7*24 hour VIP service or call us hotline 80003308000330, and customer service will answer your rights and other detailed information

Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Protection Service

  • 1. What is the Screen Protection Service (Folding Products)?
    During the effective period of the Screen Protection Service (Folding Products), if the screen of HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 device is broken, cracked or malfunctioned due to accidental collision, drop or crush under normal use, you can use the Screen Protection Service (Folding Products) benefits for repair (only enjoy the repair service once, and the repair is subject to the service fee)
  • 2.How do I use the Screen Protection Service Benefit when my device screen is broken?
    Please send the faulty unit and a valid proof of purchase directly to any HUAWEI Authorized Service Center in the Qatar region for repair service.
  • 3.Is the Screen Protection Service supported re-purchase?
    A device can only be purchased once with the Screen Protection Service and cannot be re-purchased.
  • 4.How is the warranty period for my device calculated after I use the Screen Protection?
    If only the screen or back cover of the device is damaged and there are no other faults, you can continue to enjoy the remaining warranty hours; if the product has been tampered with, repaired, liquid-filled, bent or deformed, you cannot continue to enjoy the original factory warranty.
  • 5.Can I get both the screen and the back cover repaired with the Screen Protection Service I bought?
    After you purchase the Screen Protection Service (including Back Cover) , if the screen and back cover are cracked and broken at the same time, we will replace both the screen and back cover once; if either the screen or the back case is cracked and broken, you can enjoy one screen replacement or one back cover replacement.
    *One repair only, screen and back cover cannot be repaired twice separately.
  • 6.How long is the term of the Screen Protection Service? How is it calculated?
    From the date of purchase of your end product (according to the official invoice), until 24 hours on the date of expiry of the one year period.
  • 7.What credentials do I need to use the Screen Protection Service?
    In addition to the electronic purchase invoice/paper purchase invoice/protection service product agreement, a screenshot of the order can also be used as your valid proof of purchase if you purchase a Screen Protection Service from HUAWEI Mall.
  • 8.What is the difference between the official HUAWEI Screen Protection and the unofficial Screen Protection products?
    HUAWEI official Screen Protection Service: HUAWEI consumer business service official website / My HUAWEI App can check the rights and interests, any of the national HUAWEI customer service centre can be repaired, repair does not affect the warranty.
    Unofficial Screen Protection Service: it cannot be displayed on the HUAWEI Consumer Business Service website / My HUAWEI App and cannot continue to enjoy the original warranty after a broken screen. Please note the identification.

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