VIP Service For HUAWEI P50 Series

Jan 27th,2022-May 31st,2022

VIP Service For HUAWEI P50 Series

6-Month Complimentary Screen Protection

HUAWEI provides 6-Month Screen Protection for HUAWEI P50 Pro and HUAWEI P50 Pocket new users as exclusive benefit . If the phone's screen gets broken due to an accident (collision/ drop/ squeeze) during the period of this service, the accidentally broken screen will be replaced by an original one with only 100 QAR service charge.

Claiming Process

  • 12 Months Warranty Multi-Country Support

    Free Warranty Upgrade to be Multi-Country Supported

    Purchase the new phone, you will get 12 Months Warranty with Mutli-Country Support. It Supports the Repair in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar) and India

  • Get a New Look

    Protect your mobile stylishly by Installing the crystal front cover protection sticker & stylish back cover protection sticker. For more details about the stylish stickers and their prices in HUAWEI Service Center with long-term effective.

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  • Q1 - What is the HUAWEI Care - VIP Services for HUAWEI P50 Series?
    A1: There are some especial services which are provided to customers who purchase a NEW HUAWEI P50 Pro or HUAWEI P50 Pocket devices, these special services are:
    1- 6 Months Screen Protection: it includes a one replacement for the accidentally broken screen during the first 6 months from purchasing the device.
    2- 12 Months Multi-Country Support Repair Warranty: the basic warranty period (12 months) are applicable and under coverage in multiple countries. The multiple countries are GCC Countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kwuait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar) and India.
  • Q2 - Can I claim the VIP services which include Screen Protection, If so, how can I claim it?
    A2: Yes.
    1 After purchasing the phone, turn it on, activate the device.
    2 Click to Claim in activity Page to Participate.
    3 Login to your HUAWEI account. (Users who have not registered a HUAWEI account must register and log in.)
    4 Enter SN number to check and claim the benefits of Screen Protection.
  • Q3 - What are the conditions to claim this benefits?
    A3: There are some clear, easy, obvious conditions which are:
    1 The device must be bought from an Official sales Channel in Qatar.
    2 This benefits can be claimed only one time per device.
    3 This benefits must be claimed within (24 hours) from device activation time.
  • Q4 - How can I check my benefits status after claiming these benefits, how can I make sure that I have claimed it successfully?
    A4: There are multiple ways to check your benefits such as:
    1- Through My HUAWEI App:
    Open My HUAWEI App and follow the next path:
    My HUAWEI App >Support Tab > Quick Services > Benefits
    2- Through HUAWEI Support Official Website:
    Open HUAWEI Support Official Website and follow the next path:
    HUAWEI Support Official Website > Let's get your devices fixed > Warranty Period Query > Enter your SN and verification code and search to check
  • Q5 - Where and How can I get benefit from this VIP Services?
    A5: At the time that you need to use one of these benefits, you can follow the next instructions:
    1- you can simply visit on of HUAWEI Authorized Customer Service Centers which are located in (DFC, Al Watan & Al Nasr).

Terms & Conditions

  • 1- The VIP Services which are listed above are only applicable for HUAWEI P50 Pro & HUAWEI P50 Pocket which have been purchased from an official sale point in Qatar.
  • 2- The VIP Services for HUAWEI P50 Pro & HUAWEI P50 Pocket which are listed above can only be claimed one time per device.
  • 3- HUAWEI VIP Services for HUAWEI P50 Pro & HUAWEI P50 Pocket must be claimed within 24 hours from device purchasing time.
  • 4- The VIP Services for HUAWEI P50 Pro & HUAWEI P50 Pocket which are listed above provides you with one time screen replacement for the accidentally broken or damaged screen during the first 6 months from the purchasing date.
  • 5- HUAWEI reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior consent.
  • 6- For more information, please contact us through live chat via My HUAWEI App or via 8000330.

Claim Benefits

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How do I query the device SN?
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The device S/N code label is attached to the packing box and the bottom of the case.

Where to query the S/N

HUAWEI Data Collection Privacy Policy

To provide you with the device benefit query function, we will use your device identifier to query the device model and benefit details related to the device, including the benefit type, status, and validity period. Your personal information will be deleted immediately after you use it and will not be saved on the server.


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