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HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard

Compatible with HUAWEI MatePad Pro

Automatic Pairing, Magnetic Attaching, Wireless Charging

HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard is the perfect match for HUAWEI MatePad Pro. Attach it magnetically to your tablet to pair and start charging automatically. Open the keyboard case and the HUAWEI MatePad Pro instantly wakes up.

HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard

Dual Viewing Stand, All Around Protection

Prop it up. HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard changes into a dual angle kickstand, which allows you to adjust for the suitable viewing angle. Close it down to a case and it can fully protect your HUAWEI MatePad Pro while keeping a slim look and lightweight feel.

HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard

Designed for Comfortable Typing

The keyboard is crafted for a tactile typing experience. With 1.3 mm key travel1, your hands can rest on the keycap naturally and type comfortably.

HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard

Interact Seamlessly Across Screens with Huawei Share2

With a simple tap on the Shift button, you can project your phone screen to HUAWEI MatePad Pro, which allows you to operate on the big screen with greater freedom. Pass on what you started on your phone, like journals and emails to your tablet and efficiently finish it up with the keyboard.

HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard

  1. The data is based on HUAWEI lab results. Actual measuring results may vary due to differences in configurations, manufacturing and measuring methods.
  2. In order for this function to work, you need to turn on NFC function on your phone first, and then tap the NFC sensing area of your phone to the icon on the Shift button. This function is supported by HUAWEI MatePad Pro with 10.0.1 or later, and HUAWEI phones with EMUI10 or later.