Unable to receive email notifications on my HUAWEI phone/tablet

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Unable to receive email notifications on my HUAWEI phone/tablet

If you can't receive notifications for new emails after logging in to your email account in the Huawei Email app, perform the following steps:

1. Enable email notification

Open Settings, search for and access Apps and then Email, touch Notifications, and enable Allow notifications. Select the email account you have logged in to and complete the following settings.

  • Status bar icon: Enabled.
  • Gentle notifications: Disabled.
  • Banners: Enabled.
  • Lock screen notifications: Enabled.
  • Allow interruptions: Enabled.
  • Sound/Notification sound: Set Preset sounds or Music on device.
  • Vibration: Enabled.

2. Enable Sync email

Open Email, go to / > Settings, touch Settings, and access your account, enable Sync email, and set Sync schedule to Automatic (push).

For non-Exchange emails, Sync frequency is unable to set to Automatic (push), so it is recommended that you set the sync interval to 15 minutes.

3. Disable Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode

In order to preserve battery power, your phone/tablet will not support email notifications when Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode is enabled. It is recommended that you disable these modes.
  1. To do so, open Settings, search for and access Power saving mode, then disable Power saving mode.

  2. In Ultra power saving mode, touch the icon in the upper right corner to exit Ultra power saving mode mode.

4. Enable apps to be connected to the mobile network

Go to Tablet Manager/Optimizer > Data usage > Network access, locate Email, and select Mobile data and Wi-Fi.

5. If the issue remains unresolved

If the issue remains unresolved, call the Huawei customer service hotline for further assistance.

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