Why does my phone consume power faster than earlier phones?

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Why does my phone consume power faster than earlier phones?

Greatly enhanced hardware performance

Your mobile phone is equipped with more high-performance hardware, such as a larger screen with a high resolution and high refresh rate, a powerful camera with a high resolution, 5G module, and NPU, which can bring a better user experience. As a result, the power consumption of the mobile phone increases.

More diverse usage scenarios

We tend to use our mobile phones in an increasing number of scenarios, such as for mobile payments, gaming, navigation, live streaming, and video playback, which result in increased usage time and power consumption.

More apps and functions

More and more apps providing an abundance of functions are available on mobile phones. It is recommended that you regularly clean the background to ensure that your phone can run smoothly and prevent too many apps from consuming power in the background.

See below for more tips about how to reduce power consumption.

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