Why does my phone battery drain faster than before?

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Why does my phone battery drain faster than before?

My smartphone and tablet seem to be consuming more power compared to previous devices. What is the reason for this?

  1. Greatly enhanced hardware performance

Phones and tablets are becoming more intelligent, more components are integrated, and the screen size and resolution have also increased, which raises the demands placed on the hardware.

More features are supported by smartphones, such as HD video playback, video chat apps, and a high-performing digital camera. As a result, more power is consumed by the phone.

  1. A wider range of ways to use a phone

We now use smartphones or tablets more often, such as for making payments, shopping online, and ordering meals. We are spending more time on our phones, and more power is being consumed.

  1. More power-intensive apps

More features are integrated into an app, which results in a higher power consumption.

To make your phone battery last longer, follow the advice in How to reduce the power consumption.

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