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      Reference price of common non-warranty spare parts

        Level Category Detail Labor charge (PKR) Labor
        Level 0 Maintenance without disassemble: Include clean、Adjust or other software setting operation. Clean、Adjust、Reset、Factory recovery PKR 800
        Unlock Unlock
        Data back up Data back up
        Software upgrade Software upgrade
        Components maintenance or replacement without disassemble Components maintenance or replacement without disassemble, such as battery cover 、external antenna
        Level 1 Maintenance with disassemble:Components replacement Components:Front cover、Back cover build-in battery、TP module、display module、receiver、speaker、microphone、vibrator、camera、RF cable、internal antenna、bottom、Side key、FPC PKR 1,200
        Level 2Maintenance by disassemble:Simply interface components replacementInterface:Battery connector、earphone connector、I/O connector, SIM card slot、Memory card holder、USB、Telephone port、Socket、etc. PKR 1,600
        Re-solder Re-solder
        Mainboard replacement Mainboard replacement