HUAWEI Support Official Website Privacy Notice

Last updated: 1, January 2022

This website is operated by HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD, whose head office is located at Tower A Level 5, 799 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood, NSW 2067, registered with ABN 49 103 793 380 (hereinafter referred to as "HUAWEI", "we", "us", or "our").

We understand the importance of your privacy. Please take the time to read this Privacy Notice carefully to understand how we will use your personal data.

This statement describes:
What data we collect
How we use your data
How we share your data
How long we retain your data
Your rights and choices
Updates to this notice

1. What data we collect

We may collect and process the following personal data about you, depending on the types of services you use on this website:

(1) HUAWEI ID account information: If you log in using your HUAWEI ID, the username, email address, phone number and profile picture registered with that HUAWEI ID account is shared with us from our HUAWEI affiliated company Aspiegel Limited.

(2) Contact details: Name, phone number, address, country, postcode, email, province/state, city/suburb to contact you and as necessary to arrange device delivery/collection.

(3) Device details: device model, device Identifier (SN), Fault description, fault log, historical service records

(4) Customer services information: your contact details, and a record of your HUAWEI Support query by email, live chat, Hotline or social media direct message.

2. How we use your data

To provide you with requested services and to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, we process the following data for the associated purposes. Unless otherwise stated in this Statement, you will no longer be able to enjoy the relevant service(s) if you refuse the collection and processing of your personal data for these services.

(1) HUAWEI ID log-in: if you choose to log-in using your HUAWEI ID, we process your HUAWEI ID account information in order to provide logged-in services to you.

(2) Warranty-Query: to check your device is within the vendor legal warranties [] and repair in-warranty devices, we process your device details and customer services information.

(3) Postal Repair Service: we process your contact details and device details information to enable you to collect and deliver devices from your home address or selected collection point.

On the basis of our legitimate interests, we process the following data for the associated purposes:

(1) Customer inquiries: we process your HUAWEI ID account information, your contact details and customer services information to assist you with your questions and queries, orders, returns, troubleshooting, FAQs, and all other customer inquiries, whether that inquiries is by hotline, email, live chat, hotline or social media.

(2) Business analysis and improvement: we process your device information (SN) to measure and improve our services.

On the basis of your consent, we process the following data for the associated purposes:

Survey: with your consent, we may collect your email and/or phone number in order to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Before the survey is sent to you, you can withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data here.

For further details on our use of cookies, please see our Cookies Notice.

3. How we share your data

(1) Sharing with service providers: We use intragroup and third-party service providers in Australia and Malaysia, including customer service agents and repair companies. They will have access to your personal data only as required to fulfil their contractual obligations to us. Our services providers have been carefully selected and commissioned by us, are bound by contract and will not process your personal data for any other purposes.

(2) Sharing within group companies: To check whether your device is within warranty, we will share your SN and proof of purchase with our Chinese manufacturing company HUAWEI Device Co., Ltd., which records the date of activation of your device. We will also share non-personally identifiable information, such as device model and broken parts, with HUAWEI Device Co., Ltd., for the purposes of spare parts forecasting and repair supplier settlement.

(3) Sharing with third parties: We share your personal data with delivery and logistics providers Australia Post [ ] to deliver or collect devices to/from you.

(4) Legal or regulatory disclosures: HUAWEI may share your personal data to meet requirements of applicable law and regulation, in response to requests from regulators, courts or government agencies, or to establish or defend our legal rights.

(5) Business reorganisation: Your personal data may also be disclosed as part of merger, acquisition, sale of assets (such as service agreements) or transition of service to a HUAWEI group or other company.

(6) Transfer outside of the Australia:

● When you contact our service agents or HUAWEI repair your device, your contact details and device details information will be stored in the servers in Singapore. And the data will be transferred to Malaysia for technical support.

● When you register or log in your HUAWEI ID, your HUAWEI ID account information will be sent to our server in Europe.

HUAWEI complies with all applicable legal requirements to safeguard Australia personal data transferred or accessed outside of the Australia

4. How long we retain your data

We retain your personal data for no longer than is necessary. Once the retention period expires, we will delete or anonymize your personal data, unless otherwise required by local laws and regulations.

In particular:

(1) HUAWEI ID account information: We retain your HUAWEI ID account information until you deregister your account.

(2) Your postal repair service information: Name, Email address, address, phone number, device details and device identifier (SN) will be retained for up to 24 months from the date of your last communication with HUAWEI, providing there is no business interactions such as after-sales maintenance within this period.

(3) Chat record, email content, Hotline record and chat record in social media will be retained for 24 months from the date of your last contact with us.

(4) When you make query on warranty and repair status, the Device Identifier (SN) will be used to check the information. These information will be deleted immediately after use and will not be stored.

(5) Survey: Your aforementioned personal data will be stored for up to 24 months from the date of your last communication with HUAWEI. In relation to each of the retention periods above, you can specifically request for earlier deletion here [insert link to]. Requests will be handled in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

5. Your rights and choices

Your right Description How to exercise your rights?
Right of access You can receive a copy of personal data we process you. (1) Please log in, go to My Account/Account page then click your profile picture or nickname to User Center to access your account information. You can access your order information, address information, subscription information, and forum information on My Account/Account page. You can click the shopping cart icon to access your shopping cart. (2) You can exercise your data subject rights here
Right of rectification You can have your inaccurate data corrected and incomplete data completed. (1) Please log in, you can click Profile on My Account/Account page to edit your account information. You can click Addresses on My Account/Account page to change the information of recipient. (2) You can exercise your data subject rights here

6. Updates to this notice

If we update this Privacy Notice, we will let you know in advance about any material changes that will affect how your personal data are processed, by emailing you.

The most current version of this Privacy Notice will always be available here. You can check the “effective date” posted at the top to see when this Privacy Notice was last updated.

IMPORTANT: This Privacy Notice applies to this website only. For our privacy commitments in relation to other products and services, please see the applicable privacy notice of those products and services. If you want to learn more about HUAWEI’s privacy commitments in general, please read our HUAWEI Consumer Business Privacy Statement