HUAWEI G8 Design

Elegant but solid, gently curved and
perfectly balanced in your hand.
You’ll never get tired of the
experience of using your HUAWEI G8.

Metallic Build

The 90% metal body of the HUAWEI G8
is constructed with aviation-level aluminium
manufactured using ceramic sand blasting
technology. The new potential of
design and technology in your hands.

  • 90% Metal

Cambered Surface Design

Pick up the HUAWEI G8 and you’ll
notice the screen is angled differently.
This helps protect it against cracks
and scratches, making typing easier
and providing a look that’s unlike
any smartphone you’ve ever seen before.

  • 2.5D
    Cambered Surface

5.5 inch FHD Screen

Everything is brighter, sharper and
more colorful with a 1920 x 1080
high-resolution screen.

  • 5.5” FHD Screen

Sapphire Lens

Like only the best smartphones,
the HUAWEI G8 comes with a sapphire lens,
which has a much higher strength
and transparency than traditional glass.

  • Sapphire Lens

Six-Speaker Sound Holes

The six speaker sound holes not
only give the bottom of the HUAWEI G8
a beautiful symmetry, they provide a louder,
clearer, and richer audio experience.

  • Six-Speaker
    Sound Holes