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Month Service Day Campaign Validation Days
January 29 30 31
February 27 28 29
March 26 27 28
April 28 29 30
May 28 29 30
June 25 26 27
July 29 30 31
August 27 28 29
September 28 29 30
October 29 30 31
November 26 27 28
December 28 29 30

Free screen film for your phone

Now visit our HUAWEI Customer Service Center to get a free film for your phone and enjoy it.

Repairs Excluding Maintenance Service Fee

All devices can participate, time-limited labor fee free.

Free Clean-up Service

Now visit our HUAWEI Customer Service Center to get free services such as device clean-up (external cleaning), device disinfection and free diagnostic report from our technicians.

Terms & Conditions

HUAWEI Service Day is only eligible for walk-in customers of HUAWEI Authorized Service Center. HUAWEI Authorized Service Center, their employees and immediate families of employees are not allowed to participate in HUAWEI Service Day. HUAWEI’s distributors, dealers, partners, program organizer, their employees and immediate families of employees are not allowed to participate in HUAWEI Service Day.

By participating in HUAWEI Service Day, Customer hereby agrees and provides consent to HUAWEI to the use of any personal data as provided by the Customer for the purpose of participation in HUAWEI Service Day in line with the Personal Data Protection laws and regulations, to the extent that any personal data provided shall only be processed and be used by HUAWEI for lawful purpose directly related to the running of HUAWEI Service Day. By providing the personal data, Customer indicates that he/she have read, understood and agreed to be bound by HUAWEI’s Privacy Policy stated at https://consumer.huawei.com/kw-en/legal/privacy-policy/.

By participating in HUAWEI Service Day, Customer agrees to participate and cooperate as required in all editorial activities relating to HUAWEI Service Day. Customer agrees to grant HUAWEI a perpetual and non-exclusive license to use such footage and photographs, voice, biographical information and/or statements, at any time or times, in all media types worldwide for advertising, trade, publicity and promotional purposes and the Customer will not be entitled to any fee for such use.

Each Customer is only eligible to participate in the HUAWEI Service Day once a month. Photos taken during HUAWEI Service Day will be used for promotional purpose.

"Free Phone Disinfect service and software upgrade" is only applicable to walk-in customers of the HUAWEI Authorized Service Center. Software of a particular phone model can only be updated to the latest software version of the model according to the original software release schedule. For example, if HUAWEI P10 is scheduled to have only Android 7, then the highest version for HUAWEI P10 is Android 7. Software downgrade is not available. HUAWEI is not responsible for any data loss due to software update. Customer is recommended to perform data back-up before performing any software update. The data back-up can be performed via HUAWEI HiSuite & HUAWEI BackUp to external storage.

For "Free Labour Charge for Out of Warranty Repair", Customer is entitled to free labour charge repair services of HUAWEI devices on HUAWEI Service Day. For the avoidance of doubt, HUAWEI Service Day only waives the labour charge of repair service. Customer is still required to pay the cost of parts replacement according to the repair quotation.

HUAWEI Service Day promotion is not applicable with other ongoing event promotions.

HUAWEI reserve the right to amend the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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