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Protection plans for your device

Any HUAWEI Care value-added service can help you save money on repairs, while also ensuring that original parts are used and a quality warranty is provided.

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Manage your phone on the tablet

Multi-screen Collaboration lets you become proficient at handling multiple tasks simultaneously. What's on your phone can now also be shown on your tablet.

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Split your screen to double efficiency

With Multi-Window, you can open apps in a floating window or split screens for multitasking. More windows mean higher productivity.

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Do more with your tablet

Want to handle different tasks on your tablet more easily and smartly? Here are a few tips for you to become an expert at multitasking.

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Get the tips you're looking for

Eye Comfort mode effectively reduces eye fatigue by filtering out blue light. Try it out to start taking care of your eyes.

With a M-Pencil in hand, you can write down your ideas or draw out your dreams anytime and anywhere. Your tablet and M-Pencil are made to work together.

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User manuals

Still have questions about your Tablet? You may find your answers here.

Still have questions about your Tablet? You may find your answers here.

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