Whistleblower Channel

Welcome to Huawei Sweden’s Whistleblower Channel

Huawei Technologies Sweden AB (hereinafter "Huawei Sweden") has implemented a whistleblower channel for confidential reporting of suspected misconduct within our company.

■ Who can report?

The whistleblower channel can be used by anyone, including but not limited to employees, contractors, consultants, trainees, interns, agency workers, former employees, job seekers, volunteers and others, at Huawei Sweden.

■ How can a report be submitted?

A report can be submitted through the whistleblower channel in three different ways:
In writing: A written report can be submitted by sending an email to Whistle4HWSE@huawei.com
Orally: A report can be submitted orally by calling Huawei Sweden’s whistleblower hotline at +46(0)739200846 between the hours of 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-17:00 during regular business days.
At a physical meeting: Upon request, reporting can take place at a physical meeting.

You also have the possibility to report externally to competent authorities. For more information and links to the competent authorities see: https://www.av.se/om-oss/visselblasarlagen/extern-rapporteringskanal/lista-over-myndigheter-med-ansvar-enligt-ansvarsomrade-enligt-forordning-2021949/. Please note that Arbetsmiljöverket has been given the task to handle reports that are not covered by any other competent authority’s area of responsibility.

■ Is it possible to remain anonymous?

You can choose to remain anonymous when reporting (in case of written reporting you may e.g. use an anonymous email address). And it is also welcomed if you would like to identify yourself when reporting. Whether you choose to remain anonymous or not, we will keep your identity strictly confidential.

■ What kind of misconduct can be reported?

In the whistleblower channel you can report misconduct within Huawei Sweden that you have become aware of in a work-related context. The misconduct may be ongoing or imminent and may consist in an act or omission. Examples of misconduct that can be reported are misconduct concerning but not limited to:

• accounting, internal accounting control, auditing, bribery, money laundering or other financial crime;
• public procurement, anti-trust and competition, product safety, transport safety, environmental protection, consumer protection, protection of privacy and personal data, security of network and information systems; and
• other misconduct that constitutes a violation of law or concerns the life and health of individuals.

You shall, to the best of your knowledge, ensure that the information included in the report is as truthful and complete as possible.

■ What kind of misconduct cannot be reported?

It should be in the public interest to disclose the reported misconduct. Any misconduct relating only to your work situation or your terms of employment should therefore, as a general rule, be raised through Huawei Sweden’s other channels, for example by reporting to your immediate manager or your manager's manager or to HR.

■ Confirmation and feedback

You will receive a confirmation that the report has been received within 7 days. You will then receive feedback on the actions taken in response to the report within 3 months after confirmation of receipt.

■ Handling of the report

Reports will only be handled by designated personnel at Huawei Sweden and will be stored and deleted in accordance with applicable legislation. Reports will be received by the HR department.

Further investigation of a reported misconduct will be conducted by Huawei Sweden’s Investigation Team consisting of members from the HR, Compliance, Quality and Operations, and Legal Departments. The investigation will take place as quickly as possible and in a confidential, fair and impartial manner. If a report concerns an individual in the Investigation Team, the report will not be handled by that specific individual.

■ Prohibition against retaliation

You are protected from retaliation regardless of the outcome of the investigation, if you, to the best of your knowledge, believe that what you are reporting is true.

■ Processing of personal data

The whistleblower channel involves the processing of personal data, which is used to investigate reported misconduct. Personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. please read the Privacy Statement for Whistleblower Reporting.