HUAWEI Browser

HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser
HUAWEI Browser
HUAWEI Browser
High speed surfing, easy to use
Huawei Browser is dedicated to providing high-speed Internet browsing, convenient searching, and comprehensive privacy protection for phone and tablet users.
HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser
More intelligent
information flow
Huawei browser is also a great tool to read news and information you like. With the help of the recommender systems and AI algorithm, your favourite information will always be on the screen.
HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser
Classic / Standard layout
You can choose the layout you like, switching by your preference.
HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser
Navigation gesture
In addition to pressing the button, you can also use gestures to control your websites.Use gestures to browse the website forward and backward, making reading easier.
HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser
Customize your reading experience

Night mode

Your eyes need to be protected. When is dark around, switching to night mode will protect your eyes by dimming the light, which makes reading more comfortable.

Desktop site

Need a wider sight? Desktop browsing may help. A desktop site means you can have a better surfing experience like using a computer.

Block images

Enjoy reading words only? Let’s block the images on the website. Huawei Browser can help to make your website cleaner and readable.

HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser
Size your font, size your world
To provide a better reading experience, we make all the font size adjustable. Bigger or smaller, it’s up to you!
HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Browser

Safe browsing

Huawei browser cooperates with Internet security companies, to detect the security of websites and shield the identified malicious websites.

Private mode

When you don’t want your browsing history or other information to be seen by others, turn on private mode is a good idea. Huawei Browser protect your browsing process from being tracked, to ensure your private experience.

Ad filter

We browse websites to get information and communicate with friends, instead of operating the devices cautiously from ads to ads. Huawei browser provides the ads filtering which shields annoying ads from your websites and provides you with a clean and refreshing reading experience.

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