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Auto Left-Right Recognition1

HUAWEI FreeClip Main Features

Innovative C-bridge Design

HUAWEI FreeClip Main Features

Feather-light Wearing

HUAWEI FreeClip Main Features

Open-ear Listening

HUAWEI FreeClip Main Features

AI Crystal-
Clear Call2

HUAWEI FreeClip Main Features

Long Battery Life3

36 Hours
8-hour music playback using earbuds alone
HUAWEI FreeClip Main Features

Dual-Device Connections

HUAWEI FreeClip Design
HUAWEI FreeClip Design
HUAWEI FreeClip Design


Minimalist Approach

A minimalist spherical shape gives the earbuds a stylish look, and an ergonomic design makes them comfortable and feather-light.

HUAWEI FreeClip Colour
HUAWEI FreeClip Colour

Elegant matte charging case.


Elegant matte charging case.

Open UpYour Ears
HUAWEI FreeClip Appearance
HUAWEI FreeClip Appearance

HUAWEI FreeClip Open-ear

Pleasant Open-ear Listening

Each earbud weighs4 in at just about 5.6 g and the open-ear design allows ears to breathe, while TPU reduces smudging and staining. The earbuds are interchangeable, with self-adaptive left-right audio channels, meaning you can wear either earbud on either⁠ ear.1

At Just About


HUAWEI FreeClip Durability

Incredible Durability

Having passed reliability tests,5 the C-bridge made of high-performance Ni-Ti shape-memory alloy snugly fits the majority of⁠ ears.

HUAWEI FreeClip Secure Fit

Secure Fit

With ergonomic design based on 10,000+ global human ear data6 for guaranteed comfort, multiple micrometre-level size optimization, the earbuds will feel tailored to your⁠ ears.


Global Human Ear Data

Stay in Tune
with Your Surroundings

Immerse yourself in music, while staying aware of changes in ambient sounds, whether in an office or doing exercise, thanks to the open-ear⁠ design.

HUAWEI FreeClip Surroundings

Freely explore the great outdoors with IP54 sweat- and water-resistance.7

HUAWEI FreeClip Surroundings

Wear comfortably all day, to stay connected at any time and boost productivity at⁠ work.

HUAWEI FreeClip Listening
the Difference

HUAWEI FreeClip Form-Factor

Big Sound,
Small Form-Factor

Thanks to the 10.8 mm dual-magnet high-sensitivity driver unit, the earbuds deliver sterling sound quality and clear vocals within a tiny, delicate⁠ body.

HUAWEI FreeClip Private Listening

Direct Sound

Sound leakage is minimised by a sophisticated reverse sound waves system built inside the acoustic ball, meaning sounds are transmitted precisely into ear canal, making for a private listening⁠ experience.8

HUAWEI FreeClip Noise Reduction

AI Crystal-Clear Call2

Enjoy crystal-clear calls2 with a delicate microphone system that works in tandem with a multi-channel deep neural network (DNN) algorithm to effectively pick out voices from ambient⁠ noises.

More Features
HUAWEI FreeClip More Features
HUAWEI FreeClip More Features
Features Await

HUAWEI FreeClip Battery Life
36 Hours

Long Battery Life

Listen for up to 8 hours when using the earbuds alone on a single charge, or listen for up to 36 hours with a fully charged charging case.3 Wearing a single earbud while having a fully charged charging case ensures a longer battery life.9 A 10-min charge sustains up to 3 hours of⁠ listening.10

Listen for up to



Using the earbuds alone

HUAWEI FreeClip Gesture Controls


Play/Pause audio,
or answer/end a call


Play the next track

Gesture Controls

Tap on the Acoustic Ball, the C-bridge, or the Comfort Bean, for seamless⁠ control.
Earbud gestures can be customized11 to suit many features, such as waking up the voice assistant on your paired⁠ device.

HUAWEI FreeClip Dual-Device Connections

Seamless Dual⁠-⁠Device Connections

Connect the HUAWEI FreeClip to two devices such as phones, tablets, PCs, or watches, and seamlessly switch audio between them, whether the device runs iOS, Android, or⁠ Windows.

Audio Sharing

HUAWEI FreeClip Audio Sharing

Connect two pairs of HUAWEI earbuds to the same HUAWEI phone or tablet to listen along with a friend or loved⁠ one.12

AI Life App

HUAWEI FreeClip AI Life

Download the HUAWEI AI Life app for even more features.

  • The adaptive accuracy of the left and right earbud may vary slightly depending on wearing angle, ear shape, and body posture. Dip your head slightly after putting on the earbuds for optimal recognition. Actual experience shall⁠ prevail.
  • Your voice is recognised even in noisy environments for clear voice quality. This feature automatically takes effect when changes are detected in ambient noise. No manual configuration is required. Actual call experience may vary slightly depending on usage habits, environmental factors, and app⁠ capabilities.
  • Battery life and charging data come from Huawei lab tests, during which audio was played in AAC format at 50% volume level, and default settings were used for other features. Actual results may vary depending on volume, audio source, environmental interference, product features, and usage⁠ habits.
  • Actual weight may vary depending on the product configuration and manufacturing⁠ process.
  • Tests have been performed in Huawei labs under Huawei quality standards. Avoid overstretching, squeezing, or bending the C-bridge, as this may impair performance of the shape-memory alloy and affect your wearing experience.
  • Data comes from Huawei lab⁠ tests.
  • IP54 dust- and water-resistance only applies to the earbuds themselves, not the charging case. This device is splash, dust, and water resistant in normal conditions. It has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions and received an IP54 rating under IEC standard 60529. Splash, water, and dust resistance may deteriorate over time with normal use. Avoid charging the device in damp environments. Liquid damage is not covered under the warranty. Wipe the earbuds dry soon⁠ after exercise.
  • In quiet environments, it is recommended that you lower the volume to protect your hearing and reduce sound leakage. Actual usage may vary slightly depending on the⁠ environment.
  • Battery life and charging data come from Huawei lab tests, during which a single earbud was used with a fully charged charging case, audio was played in AAC format at 50% volume level, and default settings were used for other features. Actual results may vary depending on volume, audio source, environmental interference, product features, and usage⁠ habits.
  • Battery life data comes from Huawei lab tests. A 10-minute charge via the charging case sustains 3 hours of audio⁠ playback.
  • Gestures can be customised in the AI Life app. Actual features may⁠ vary.
  • The audio sharing feature is only available on certain HUAWEI phones running EMUI 13 or later. For details, see:
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