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CEO Letter
HUAWEI Sustainability Page 1 Boss
The global telecommunications industry is growing at breakneck speed, digital transformation is surging, and the era of full stack, 5G, and AI is upon us. New abilities enable us to address both growth and sustainability. We continue to keep our mission in mind and have a clear and broad perspective of the social responsibilities we are assuming, while reflecting on our relationships with consumers, society, and nature. Despite enormous challenges, we will continue to make breakthroughs on the path towards sustainable development and resolve problems through innovation. "Information accessibility" benefits more people, "education and health" supports the creation of shared value, "environmental protection" helps us coexist with nature, and "corporate responsibility" is the foundation of our ethical code. We are already and will always work hard for a sustainable future for all.
Information Accessibility

We firmly believe that everyone should enjoy technology equally, and continue to fight for accessibility for all users. Starting from EMUI 5.1 to EMUI 11.0, we've geared every improvement to enhance the information accessibility experience and bring more digital convenience for everyone. We believe that all human beings, regardless of their physical ability or age, should have access to technology and the wonderful experiences that it can bring to their lives.

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Education and Health

Huawei supports education and cares about the health of our customers, and uses technology to empower people to improve themselves. We have created an integrated online learning environment so that content can directly reach those in need, brought educational resources to people in remote areas, innovated the "smart device + health service" model to create a health manager that can satisfy the diverse and personalized health needs of all our customers, and joined hands with industry partners to help members of the public lead a healthier life.

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Environmental Protection

Huawei prioritizes the protection of our world and its natural resources above all else. Throughout the product lifecycle, we put a premium on ecological protection by using renewable and eco-friendly materials, analyzing carbon footprints, reducing the proportion of plastics used in packaging materials, increasing the energy efficiency of our products, extending the lifespan of products, and recycling and reusing electronic waste as much as possible, among others. All these measures aim to allow us to offer more environmentally-friendly products and achieve a balance between technological development and protection of nature.

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Corporate Responsibility

Huawei repays consumer, supplier, and community trust with responsibility. We are consumer-centered, provide efficient and smooth experiences for users, and protect user privacy and cyber security. We support our suppliers in assuming social and environmental responsibilities, pay attention to and protect labor rights over the entire supply chain, and continue to build a diverse bank of global talent while promoting local employment and economic development.

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