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CEO Letter:
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Over the past 10 years, thanks to the trust and support of consumers, Huawei Consumer Business Group has made unprecedented achievements. Our business achievements mark a new starting point for us, but also come with the addition of greater responsibilities.

The global telecommunications industry is growing at breakneck speed, digital transformation is surging, and the era of full stack, 5G, and AI is upon us. New abilities enable us to address both growth and sustainability. We continue to keep our mission in mind and have a clear and broad perspective of the social responsibilities we are assuming, while reflecting on our relationships with consumers, society, and nature.

The ways in which we have improved our products over the past 10 years align with our progress in sustainability from initial exploration to systematic practice.

Products and consumers: Products for everyone in an inclusive digital world

We believe that everyone is entitled to benefit from digital convenience and have worked from the start to design products that are accessible for everyone. Through user research, analysis, and cooperative testing, we improved the accessibility experience of Huawei phones from the system level. In 2018, we launched the StorySign smartphone app with our partners, using AI technology to open up a new world of literature for deaf children. In 2019, we collaborated with developers to develop more useful apps, further extending technologies into our ecosystem platform. We have learned that it takes attention and engagement from more stakeholders to advance information accessibility.

Products and nature: Balancing product competitiveness and effective resource utilization

We firmly believe that our growth and development cannot come at the expense of the environment. We have reduced the usage of plastic packaging materials and improved our products' energy efficiency, while ensuring longer battery life. We have enhanced our research into durability and reparability, reducing resource demand and consumption. We also continue to expand the scope of our trade-in program and have established an E-waste Recycling Program to prevent pollution from electronic waste.

Products and society: Exploration of technology's potential in helping us create a shared better future

Products and ecosystems allow us to connect closely with our developers, partners, supply chains, and communities. We established the HUAWEI Developers forum to enhance developers' capabilities. We take a local procurement and suppliers approach to build a prosperous and harmonious industry ecosystem with our industry chain partners. We responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 with new product and service ideas. Efficient, convenient, and effective communication has prepared us to face future challenges.

Despite enormous challenges, we will continue to make breakthroughs on the path towards sustainable development and resolve problems through innovation. "Information accessibility" benefits more people, "education and health" supports the creation of shared value, "environmental protection" helps us coexist with nature, and "corporate responsibility" is the foundation of our ethical code.

This report is a comprehensive reflection on the initiatives we have carried out, a clear presentation of our current efforts, and a new positioning for the future. It summarizes our consumer business's sustainability achievements and offers a future roadmap. For some tasks, current conditions may not be fully ready, but we have prepared for the future. Anything is possible with sheer determination and adequate investment. We are already and will always work hard for a sustainable future for all.

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