Education and Health

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HUAWEI Sustainability KV 3
Technology empowers you to change.
Huawei products and services are designed to help people improve their digital skills and productivity, facilitate personal and society development, and manage their personal health.
Education: Inspiring imagination and creativity
Technology development makes high-quality education resources more accessible, breaks education boundaries, and empowers everyone.
Building a digital education platform
High-quality education resources at your fingertips
We have worked with education partners in China to aggregate high-quality basic, language, and vocational education materials targeting all age groups.
Transforming learning tools.Giving parents greater control over their children's learning
HUAWEI EduCenter features an innovative and immersive learning desktop, and in-depth parental controls that allow parents to manage their children's learning time and which apps their children can use. This helps maximize the efficacy of their children's learning.
DigiTruck: Providing learning resources for remote areas
In 2019, Huawei partnered with several organizations to set up the DigiTruck mobile digital classroom, which brings future-oriented educational opportunities to remote rural areas.
Enablement and support for developers Building an open and innovative ecosystem that brings success for all
Relying on its channel advantages, global platform services, and industry chain resources, the HUAWEI Developers platform helps developers innovate in areas from development to testing, promotion, and monetization.
Offline salon
HUAWEI Developer Day
Online competition
DIGIX Global AI Challenge
The Shining-Star Program powers the HMS ecosystem, helping app innovation around the world
Developers forum
Developer interaction
Ecosystem support
1 Billion Shining-Star Program
HMS App Innovation Contest: Developing a technological future together with developers
Technological innovation boosts active health
Huawei's "smart devices + health services" model creates a health manager that can meet the diverse, personalized health needs of every user. The health functions of Huawei products help users measure and quantify their health.
TrackAI project
Early diagnosis and treatment for visual impairment in children
TrackAI uses Huawei smart apps and AI technology to provide quick and accurate vision testing for children aged as young as six months.
The Huawei Health app records health data on a 24/7 basis
The Health app monitors heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep quality data 24 hours per day via Huawei smart wearables, and will notify users immediately of any issues or abnormalities.
Pressure monitoring
24/7 physical and mental health monitoring
Vision protection
Relieving eye fatigue and protecting vision
Sleep tracking
Helping users sleep soundly
every night
Body fat analysis
A healthier way to shed pounds
Researching active health management at home with industry partners
Heart health
301 Hospital – heart health research
Mental health
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences – research on emotion recognition
Women's health
International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital, China Welfare Institute – research on menstrual health
Children's growth
Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University – research on children's gaits
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Information Accessibility
Huawei hopes that everyone can experience the benefits of technology.
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Environmental Protection
Huawei prioritizes the protection of our world and its natural resources above all else.