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Innovating to Protect
Your Privacy
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Prioritised Privacy Across Apps
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HUAWEI Browser
HUAWEI Browser
Browsing Without Worries
HUAWEI Browser
HUAWEI Browser automatically identifies tracking websites and blocks tracking cookie requests by default. It even disables API parameters that can identify user device fingerprints, to reduce the chance that anyone could track you. During your web browsing, automatic attempts to open web pages and download apps will be spontaneously blocked.
Keeps Your Private Data Secure
All personal data in Huawei Health is encrypted via a dedicated device-specific key, and stored within the mobile app. This means that no other party, not even Huawei, can access the encrypted data—and that it's entirely up to you how to use or share it.
Steps In to Help,
Stays Out of Your Life
AI Life will only collect and process the data it absolutely needs to provide a superior level of service. The data will be transmitted to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud via an encrypted channel and encrypted for storage. When you unlink a device from AI Life, the device data will then be automatically deleted from HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.
Listens In When Needed,
Tunes Out When Not
Celia only processes voice information after being awakened, and all AI Voice-related personal data, such as voiceprint data and voice instructions, is processed only on the device. We only collect the personal data that is absolutely necessary to provide services. The data will always be transmitted in encrypted form, and will never be associated with your voice or location information or used for location tracking or behavioural analysis.
Private Communications Made Convenient
MeeTime is a messaging and calling service that makes it easy to communicate from any of your devices logged in to your HUAWEI ID, whether it's a phone, tablet, Vision, or speaker. All MeeTime data is encrypted in an end-to-end manner on all devices. Data collected and processed during this process will be encrypted for storage to ensure your privacy security.
Multi-layer Data Encryption on the Cloud
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HUAWEI Mobile Cloud
HUAWEI Mobile Cloud
HUAWEI Mobile Cloud keeps important data, such as Gallery, Contacts, and Calendar, under lock-and-key, from collection, to transmission to storage. It encrypts data at multiple layers, so no one can ever access your data without your consent.
Total Privacy,
Totally Up to You key
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Privacy Centre
Access app privacy profiles with just a tap, to get a treasure trove of data about which apps are accessing which data. System-level security and privacy tips help you detect and address high-risk app behaviour in advance, keeping you protected at all times.
HUAWEI Privacy Center
Security Centre
When Device protection is enabled, your device will automatically detect security risks, block harassing content, scan for viruses, perform network security scans, and identify malicious apps, so that you can rest easy.
HUAWEI Security Center
Sensitive Information Removal
When Image privacy is enabled, sensitive information, such as location info, time stamp, and device model will be removed from the image, so that you can share on social media without compromising your privacy.
HUAWEI Sensitive Information Removal
Child Safeguards
Child protection is automatically enabled on any device logged in to a child account, to ensure that children can only access age-appropriate content within a healthy, wholesome digital environment.
HUAWEI Child Safeguards
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Harmonyos2 Security Technology White Paper
HarmonyOS 2 Security
Technology White Paper
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Huawei Mobile Service Security Technical White Paper
HMS Security Technical White Paper
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HUAWEI Privacy and Security
Privacy & Security Features
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Professional Certifications
Professional Certifications
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Four Proposals
Top-down structure and process
Airtight privacy and security framework
Security verification framework co-developed with industry stakeholders
Open security and privacy capabilities for ecosystem partners
Three Commitments
Privacy is a fundamental user right.
Data is encrypted on a comprehensive basis.
Data is always kept entirely under the user's control.
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