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HUAWEI Privacy Kv EN
Innovating to Protect Your Privacy
We are committed to protecting your data privacy. Smart devices bring unprecedented convenience, but need to collect and process your personal information to provide services. That is why we rigorously adhere to foundational principles for data privacy during the entire product design and development process. To fully protect your privacy, we ensure that all of our operations involving personal information are transparent and controllable, and our processing of personal information complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
Huawei Mobile Services
Huawei Mobile Services, offering airtight protection
Your privacy and security is our top priority. We are proud that Huawei Mobile Services uses innovative technologies and multiple lines of defense to protect your privacy. While you are enjoying your 1+8+N seamless AI life, we will provide you with all-round privacy protection, preventing any payments, browsing, or workout routes from being leaked. In an era when privacy is valued most, we prioritize your privacy above all else.
HUAWEI Browser
HUAWEI Privacy Wallet
The bank card information you add to Huawei Pay will be converted by your issuing bank into a unique device code and stored separately on your device's security chip after encryption. Security chips provide a fully isolated operating space for your device code, protecting it from illegal access that may threaten your fund security.
HUAWEI Privacy Browser
HUAWEI Browser
HUAWEI Browser provides multiple advanced features, such as Safe browsing, malicious URL detection, and Privacy mode for the purposes of protecting your privacy and providing you with a secure and reliable web browsing experience. Your searches and browsing will not be saved or tracked, and your privacy is fully protected in Browser.
HUAWEI Privacy Health
HUAWEI Health serves as your health assistant at any time. You decide how to use the personal information you add to it, such as whether to upload it to the HUAWEI HiHealth cloud. You may manage or erase your personal health data stored in the cloud whenever you want.
HUAWEI Privacy Smart Assistant
Assistant∙TODAY provides customized AI Tips services and news feeds. We try to process all your personal information locally on your device. When cooperating with third-party partners, we adopt random identifiers to prevent the partners from recognizing your identity.
Your Biometrics Data, Always Securely Stored
By leveraging advanced technologies of HarmonyOS, privacy protection has become even smarter, ensuring the transparency of personal information processing. Your biometrics data is stored in the trusted zone of your device, to be protected against cracking or transfer attempts. The data will not be stored on any cloud server or any other devices.
Privacy Protection Settings
Biometrics Security
Device Security
Huawei's 1+8+N Strategy
HUAWEI Privacy Facial Recognition
Professional Certifications
Properly Certified and Worth Trusting
HMS & HarmonyOS have won dozens of world's top authoritative security certificates and are widely recognized by global certification organizations. Verified by third parties, the privacy protection capabilities of HMS & HarmonyOS are intended to protect your personal privacy information at every possible facet.
HUAWEI Privacy-Certification