Product Environmental Information

Huawei follows a strategy of “Green Pipe, Green Operations, Green Partner, Green World”, incorporating circular economy concepts into product design is the prerequisite for minimizing environmental impact. We explore innovative ways, using LCA methodology and design for environmental, to maximize product energy utilization efficiency, and at the same time minimize carbon footprint and negative environmental impacts.

Huawei incorporates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into the product development process, thereby enhancing environmental performance throughout the product lifecycle.

Product lifecycle Product design considerations
Raw materials acquisition Reduce raw materials and use renewable materials Recyclable material Hazardous substance free Biological materials Green packaging materials
Production and transportation Manufacturability designMinimize packaging size
Use Low-power design Energy Efficiency of External Power Supplies Intelligently power manage software
Disposal RecyclableEasy to disassemble

The product environmental information report below disclose the environmental performance of product, including product carbon footprint, product water footprint, restricted substances, energy & material efficiency, and certain innovative.

  1. Smartphones
  2. Tablets
Product Model