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Your Moment, Your Music

HUAWEI Music aims to provide a High-Quality and All-Scenario music experience, with vast music catalog* for streaming.

*Content presented differently according to countries and regions.Learn more>

HUAWEI Music Content


Enjoy diversified and personalized radio stations

HUAWEI Music Content
HUAWEI Music Content


Discover global hit tracks in exclusive charts and curated playlists

HUAWEI Music Content
HUAWEI Music Content


Catch every hit album and let yourself immerse

HUAWEI Music Content

Cross-device Streaming*

HUAWEI Music supports all-scenario, cross-HUAWEI-devices Streaming, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music at anytime anywhere.

*Cross-device support varies according to countries and regions.

HUAWEI Music All Scenario


Identify multiple songs continuously across Apps and generate playlists automatically. Starting now, find the songs you want to save.

HUAWEI Music Identify


The right track for your adventures. Get song recommendations to match your pace.

Huawei-Music-Running Music

*The availability of this feature may vary from region to region. Only supported by EMUI and Huawei Health App.


Connect HUAWEI Mobiles together and play the same song simultaneously to experience the surrounding sound.

Huawei-Music Party Mode
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