Corporate Responsibility

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Technology repays trust with responsibility.
Huawei is committed to enriching people's lives through cutting-edge technology. It repays consumer, supplier, and community trust through its commitment to upholding corporate responsibility.
Enhancing consumer experience with a consumer-centered mindset
Huawei sees being consumer-centric and focusing on consumer experience as its responsibility.
Every little detail matters when it comes to user experience
No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. With hundreds of millions of online users, we know that even small changes will have a great impact on user experience. Therefore, we are continuously committed to offering efficient, seamless, and smart lifestyle product experiences to help our users get the most out of life.
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Compared to our previous-gen flagship smartphone the HUAWEI P30, we reduced the unlocking time on the HUAWEI P40 by 0.12 second, saving users worldwide a combined total of 2.19 million hours every year.
Privacy & cyber security Building a privacy protection brand trusted by users
We believe that privacy is our consumers' basic right and that they should have full knowledge and control of what is done to their personal information. Achieving this goal is one of the core tenets of everything we do.
Smart, eco-friendly retail spaces, for a comfortable shopping experience
We conduct environment, health, and safety (EHS) self-assessments and internal audits in every store to ensure that they are environmentally-friendly and healthy places to visit.
Responsible supply chain
People-oriented supply chain responsibility management
Corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
We created the Huawei Supplier Social Responsibility Code of Conduct as the main basis of our supply chain corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. This document outlines clear requirements for suppliers' CSR work, encouraging them to work with us as we implement our mutual environmental, social, and labor responsibilities.
Supply chain labor condition
We perform people-oriented supply chain responsibility management. We believe that employees must know their rights in order to protect themselves.
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1.34 M+
Since 2011, we have interviewed a total of 15,660 supply chain employees and helped more than 1.34 million supply chain workers resolve their issues. We are committed to providing workers with a healthier, safer, and more dignified working and living environment.
Supply chain environment protection
We have clear environmental management requirements for our suppliers, ensuring that all suppliers strictly abide by local environmental laws and regulations. We also require our supplier to reduce or eliminate production and discharge of all pollutants at each stage of production, reduce the environmental impact of production, and protect local ecosystems.
Continuous advancement in responsible raw materials
We are strictly against the purchase or use of conflict minerals and we prohibit all our tier one and upstream tier suppliers from doing so.
Community development
Huawei is committed to creating value, providing jobs, and developing talent for local communities. We actively integrate into local communities, carry out a variety of community activities, and work with local communities to contribute to philanthropic activities such as disaster relief and health and social welfare.
Huawei CBG currently provides more than 80,000 direct jobs.
Huawei CBG currently provides about 20,000 direct jobs outside of China.
Huawei CBG created 1.34 million supply chain jobs among tier one suppliers alone.
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Environmental Protection
Huawei prioritizes the protection of our world and its natural resources above all else.
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Report and Statement
We believe that the future of humanity depends on providing everyone with equal access to the dividends of technological development and the protection of the world that we live in.