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Technology leaves no one behind
Huawei hopes that everyone at any age, including those living with a disability, can benefit from technological development and equally enjoy the ability to make phone calls easily, take photos whenever they want, and hear voices clearly on Huawei devices. That's why Huawei has come up with a wide range of accessibility functions that can be used by anyone with a Huawei phone.
Visibility enhancements
Everyone should have the equal right to experience the world in all its beauty.
ScreenReader/TalkBack Experiencing the world through touch and sound
With ScreenReader/TalkBack enabled, your phone will read the content on its screen. This means you can operate your phone easily without even looking at the screen.
Color enhancement Conveniently identifying a variety of colors
This feature enhances display colors, making color identification easier for color-blind or color vision-deficient people.
Air gestures Communicating more conveniently through accurate and fast dialing
The number buttons on the dial pad support air gestures, offering accessible input for faster dialing and convenient use. Communicating with others is now easier than ever before.
Pronunciation recognition Facilitating understanding through intelligent homophone explanation
The built-in input method supports screen reading and can explain homophones in detail. For example, it prompts the specific gender for "ta", the common Chinese pronunciation for "he", "she", and "it", thus conveying information more accurately.
Voice function Replacing motion with sound
Voice wakeup, voice control of incoming calls, and phone search free up users' hands by replacing buttons with voice interactions, allowing you to multitask much more efficiently.
PocketVision A clearer world for the visually impaired
Huawei jointly developed the PocketVision visual aid app with Eyecoming. The app is empowered by the Huawei Kirin chipset, which offers incredible AI computing power, as well as the HUAWEI HiAI open platform that provides text recognition and text-to-speech capabilities.
Hearing enhancements
Hearing is just as important as sight in many ways. Huawei devices are equipped with a hearing aid function, which helps the hearing-impaired to hear the world around them with greater clarity.
MeeTime Communicating anytime, both vocally and visually
MeeTime supports smooth connections and calls on diverse Huawei phone, tablet, or Vision models. It connects families and friends anytime and anywhere with high-quality video calls, even in low-light or poor network conditions. The high-quality video can also help sign language users communicate easily while also conveying information beyond just words.
Sound Booster Making it easier for the hearing-impaired to participate in conversations
In 2020, we launched a wireless sound transmission function in EMUI 10.1 that can pick up and transmit external sounds in real time from the phone to Bluetooth earphones or speakers. The amplified sound can then help the hearing-impaired to participate in conversations with much greater ease.
StorySign A sign language reading app
We launched our StorySign app in cooperation with the European Union of the Deaf and other organizations, using AI technology to help hearing-impaired children explore the world of literature.
Technology for all ages
We have always believed that age should not prevent people from enjoying digital living. Information technology should include benefits for older adult so that they can also experience digital living conveniently. Additionally, we provide a safe and secure environment for children and adolescents to explore the digital world in a healthy manner.
Magnify and amplify Solves 50% of problems for older adults
Simple Mode enlarges text and buttons for clarity and increases the volume.
Less is more Concise layout and easy operations remove usage barriers
Simplification is an important way to reduce barriers to mobile phone use among older adults. Simplified operations allow older adults to operate devices with greater ease and with less frustration.
Familiarity Creates a better experience
In line with the habits of most older adults, the input method is set to handwriting mode by default for greater convenience and familiarity.
Screen sharing and graffiti tagging Companion guide: Helping older adults step by step towards a digital life
Elderly users experiencing problems using the phone can share their screen with one button, allowing them to clearly express the problem and letting their children use their own screens to demonstrate.
Digital Balance Peace of mind anytime, anywhere
We place great importance in fostering children's healthy use of digital devices. Parents can configure Huawei devices to manage their children's phone usage time, websites that can be accessed, and other restrictions.
Our efforts don't stop there
Activities and achievements
In addition to designing and developing information accessibility functions for device systems, Huawei also organizes offline activities,
participates in industry standard creation, and much more.
HUAWEI Sustainability Page 2 Experience
Good product features come from real user experiences.
Huawei cooperates with the Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation on the store experience day program, inviting people with disabilities to experience products at Huawei stores and listening to their most urgent needs.
HUAWEI Sustainability Page 2 Standard
Creating industry standards to make accessibility the norm
Huawei is working to make accessibility technology support an industry standard that can form the basis of a complete development ecosystem.
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Joining the China Information Accessibility Product Alliance
At the HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2020, Huawei officially announced that it would join the China Information Accessibility Product Alliance and work with other Alliance members to focus on and promote product information accessibility.
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Partnerships Huawei teams up with its partners to develop more functions that are convenient for those living with a disability.
ScanScan, powered by HMS Core AI and the information accessibility functions on Huawei phones, helps the visually impaired read text in everyday life by recognizing and reading aloud text that is captured in photos.
True stories
Technology has enriched their lives, helping them enrich the lives of others in return.
Wang Zhongwei, piano tuner:
How Huawei helps the visually impaired help themselves
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HUAWEI Sustainability Page 2 Chenlei
Chen Lei, lawyer:
Ambition meets visual impairment: An aspiring lawyer shows that no profession is off limits
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CEO Letter
We continue to keep our mission in mind and have a clear and broad perspective of the social responsibilities we are assuming, while reflecting on our relationships with consumers, society, and nature.
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Education and Health
Huawei products and services are designed to help people improve their digital skills and manage their personal health.