Extend volume for C drive

Applicable products: HONOR MagicBook 15(amd r5/8g/256g),HUAWEI MateBook(8gb 512gb),HONOR MagicBook(2019 r5/8gb/256gb),HUAWEI MateBook 13( ryzen amd r5/8g/512g、 intel i7/8g/512g/mx250、2020  intel i5/8g/512g/mx250、2020  intel i5/16g/512g/ mx250/touch、 ryzen amd r5/8g/256g、2020  intel i5/8g/512g、 intel i5/8g/512g/mx250),HUAWEI MateBook X Pro(2020 intel i5/8gb/512gb、2020 inte i5/16gb/512gb/mx250、2019 intel i7/16g/1t/uhd620、2020 inte i7/16gb/512gb/mx250、2020 intei5/16gb/512gb、2020 inte i7/16gb/1tb/mx250、2020 inte i7/16gb/1tb),HUAWEI MateBook D 15(amd r5/8g/256g、i5+8g+256g、amd r5/8g/256g/1tb hdd、mx250 i5+8g+1tb+256g),HONOR MagicBook 14(amd r5/8g/256g、amd r5/8g/512g),HUAWEI MateBook B5-420(  intel i7/16g/1t/ uhd620/touch),HUAWEI MateBook 14( intel i5/16g/512gb/ mx350/ touch、 intel i5/8g/512gb/ mx350、 intel i7/16g/512gb/ mx350/ touch),HUAWEI MateBook D((2018)i5/8gb/256gb/uma、(2018)、i5 8gb 128g+500g、i5 4gb 128g+500g 940mx),HUAWEI MateBook D 14(intel i5/8gb/256gb、mx250 i5+8g+512g、amd r5/8g/512g)
Applicable system: Windows 10 1809(RS5), Windows 10 2004(20H1), Windows 10 1903(19H1), Windows 10 1803(RS4), Windows 10 1909(19H2)
Extend volume for C drive

The following operations are applicable to computers with SSD only. If your computer has both SSD and HDD, you cannot extend volume in C drive by merging D drive with C drive. To ensure that your C drive has sufficient space, clear data in C drive regularly and install software in other drives.

If you want to extend space in C drive, merge C drive and D drive, and then reallocate disk partition for both drives. To do this, perform the following:

  1. Back up data in D drive to C drive or an external storage device such as a portable hard drive.

    Back up data before merging both drives to avoid data loss.

  2. Right-click the Windows icon on the desktop and click Disk Management.
  3. Right-click on Data (D:) and select Delete Volume, and click Yes. An unallocated partition will be displayed. Right-click Windows (C:) and select Extend volume. Extend C drive by following the onscreen instructions. Now, data that originally in D drive has been combined to C drive.

  1. Right-click Windows (C:) and select Shrink Volume. Enter desired volume size for the new partition in Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB. Right-click any blank area on Unallocated and select New Simple Volume, and then create a new partition by completing the onscreen instructions. Assign the letter D for the new drive.

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