Notification and Status Icons

Applicable products: HUAWEI MatePad T(8 2020 wi-fi 3gb+32gb、8 2020 lte 2gb+32gb、8.0 inches lte 3gb+32gb、8 2020 wi-fi 2gb+32gb、8 2020 lte 2gb+16gb / huawei matepad t 8 kids edition 2020 wi-fi 2gb +16gb、8 2020 lte 2gb+16gb、8 2020 wi-fi 2gb+16gb / huawei matepad t 8 kids edition 2020 wi-fi 2gb +16gb)
Applicable system: EMUI 10.1
Applicable products:
Applicable system:
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Notification and Status Icons

Network status icons may vary according to your region or network service provider.

Supported functions vary according to the device model. Some of the following icons may not be applicable to your tablet.

5G network connected

4G network connected

3G network connected

2G network connected

Full signal strength


Data saver enabled

SIM card not found

Hotspot enabled

Hotspot connected


VoLTE enabled

Wi-Fi network connected

SkyTone in use

Hotspot disconnected

Network being switched by Wi-Fi+

Airplane mode enabled

Alarm set

Battery empty

Battery low


Quick charging

Super charging

Super wireless charging

Quick wireless charging

Regular wireless charging

Power saving mode enabled

Digital balance enabled

Bluetooth enabled

Bluetooth device battery

Bluetooth device connected

VPN connected

Driving mode

Projection device connected

Location service enabled

Eye Comfort mode enabled

Headset connected

Headset with a microphone connected

Missed call

Unread SMS

Microphone disabled


More notifications

Vibrate only

NFC enabled

Do Not Disturb mode enabled

Data syncing

Data sync failed

Performance mode enabled

New email

Event reminders

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