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We have integrated EMUI (the Intelligent Android OS of HUAWEI) with encryption, anonymization, and other privacy protection measures to securely protect the important information on your device and to provide you with necessary services and personalized experiences in compliance with local data protection laws.

Protect your privacy in our products

We carefully follow the principle of Privacy by Design (PbD) and use/implement reliable and advanced privacy protection measures to ensure the protection of your privacy and personal data during your use of our products.

We commit to fully protecting your data through data anonymization, pseudonymization, and aggregation, and allowing you to agree to or reject data collection by toggling applicable switches on or off.

  • Huawei Pay

    Huawei Pay is a fast and safe method that enables you to make secure payments for online or in-store purchases.

    The bank card information you add to Huawei Pay will be converted into a unique token and stored independently on your device's security chip. Security chips provide a fully isolated operating space for sensitive data, protecting it from malicious acts that may occur in non-isolated environments.

    When you make a payment through Huawei Pay, only your token will be provided to the merchant, while your real bank card information and transaction data will not be stored or tracked.

    You can also use your enrolled fingerprints to complete each payment. Your fingerprint's biometric information will be encrypted and stored as a unique code inside the security chip of your device. It cannot be decrypted, and will not be uploaded to Huawei servers.

  • Huawei Health

    The Huawei Health app is your personal fitness and health assistant, providing you with professional exercise records, as well as fat-burning and body shaping workouts. It also offers sleep aid tips and health services to help you improve your body and live a healthier life. If you bind a wearable device or other health devices to the Huawei Health app on your phone, your step counts, distance, running routes, and your sleep, heart rate, and other data on the device will be encrypted and synced to your phone via the Bluetooth security protocol. Your personal data in the Huawei Health app will be encrypted and stored in your phone's internal memory with a randomly generated key that even Huawei cannot decrypt. If you authorize us to collect and process your Huawei Health data, you will be able to enjoy more professional guidance and health services, and your personal data will be sent to Huawei Cloud via the internationally accepted HTTPS security protocol and encrypted with a dynamic key to ensure its security.

  • HUAWEI Themes

    HUAWEI Themes allows you to customize the look and feel of your phone's user interface, including your lock screen, unlock effects, home screen, app icons, fonts, wallpaper, and the contact setting screen in Messaging.

  • HUAWEI Browser

    HUAWEI Browser provides you with web browsing, website navigation, download, search, and other services.

    HUAWEI Browser will automatically enable the Ad filter feature when you browse the Internet to intelligently block identified malicious ads and enhance your online security. At the same time, you can touch Clear browser data to quickly clear your input records, browsing and search history, web caches, cookies, and other information. In addition, you can also enable Private mode to stop Browser from recording your browsing history, search history, cookies, online forms you fill in, and other information.

  • HUAWEI Weather

    HUAWEI Weather provides you with accurate and up-to-date weather information and forecast services. To provide you with weather information of your current location, HUAWEI Weather needs to collect and use the latitude and longitude data of your geographic position and send it to a third-party weather service provider. To protect your privacy, HUAWEI Weather and its third-party weather service providers will obtain your authorization before using your location information, and will not store your personal information.

Protect your privacy in our personalized services

We provide you with a variety of personalized services, and it never comes at the expense of your privacy and security. Instead, we will clearly inform you of the data processing and take measures to protect your personal data. Your data is yours only, and you will have control over the collection, processing, and sharing of your personal information for personalization purposes.

  • HUAWEI Assistant

    HUAWEI Assistant is designed to make your experience with Huawei more convenient and personal. With your consent, HUAWEI Assistant will read your Calendar, Notepad, Contacts, etc., and generate reminder cards for your daily to-dos, conferences, mobile usage, missed calls, etc. The reminder cards will only display on your phone and will not be uploaded to Huawei servers.

    You can read the latest newsletters through News. News content is provided by third-party news service providers. In order to display the news and avoid duplicate content, we will collect your personal data such as system language and current city information.

    You can disable any of the Assistant services and stop the collection of your personal data at any time.

  • With your consent, when we provide you with smart services, we will use your data for intelligent computing and protect your personal data with secure encryption technology. We also provide a variety of settings that allow you to manage the collection, use, and sharing of your personal data at any time.

    Learn more about HUAWEI HiAI

  • HUAWEI Video

    Together with content providers, HUAWEI Video provides you with online streaming content and a better viewing experience. During the collaboration, we provide a unique developer ID to each content provider to ensure that your data is not shared among multiple developers.

    The Video recommendations service allows you to experience a variety of distinct services. If you do not wish to receive the content recommended to you, you can choose to disable this feature at any time.

    During the process of using HUAWEI Video, your personal data will be encrypted or anonymized before it is stored to protect your privacy.

  • HUAWEI Music

    To provide you with a better listening experience, HUAWEI Music will collect your online music playback history, membership purchases, and authorization information, and recommend a variety of music content to you based on your preferences and listening habits. You can choose to disable the recommendation feature at any time.

    The playback history of your local music files is only stored on your device.

  • HUAWEI Magazine unlock

    Each time you turn on your screen, HUAWEI Magazine unlock can display different lock screen wallpapers, and recommend high-quality pictures to you according to your selection records and usage habits.

    Magazine unlock pictures will only be updated and downloaded to your device over Wi-Fi, and can be set to be deleted automatically.

    You can choose to disable Magazine unlock or the automatic picture downloading at any time.

  • Gallery

    By creating an index for your photos locally on your device, Gallery facilitates your searches based on the name, time, notes, location, and tags of your photos. It also generates Highlight albums after analyzing and selecting from photos taken during a certain period of time. The entire process is carried out locally and does not involve the uploading or modification of your photos.

    Gallery classifies your photos (such as people, landscapes, food, documents, etc.) locally on your device, and syncs the classification information to HUAWEI Cloud. The data is encrypted during the process to guarantee data security.

    You can also select an album, photo, or video in Gallery to easily share it with a third-party app. Which apps you choose to share your photos and videos with is completely up to you.

Ensure developers' compliance with strict privacy standards
  • HUAWEI AppGallery

    All apps available in AppGallery must undergo four layers of security tests in order to ensure that they do not compromise the security of your personal information. You can see the results of the security tests for each app in the app details screen. We require app developers to comply with user privacy protection and security auditing provisions. If we find that an app violates the relevant requirements, we will ask the app developer to address the issue immediately. Otherwise, the app will be removed from HUAWEI AppGallery.

    When an app you have installed through AppGallery attempts to access your personal information such as your location or contacts for the first time, you will be prompted to grant the relevant permissions. Access permissions will only be granted with your consent. You can also revoke the relevant permissions at any time.

    In addition, we ensure that apps on AppGallery cannot gain full access to all your data and are prohibited from accessing certain special data types on your device. We have established rigorous privacy protection policies and measures, and will continue to strengthen them in due course. This is our commitment to you.

  • HUAWEI ID services

    HUAWEI ID services are provided by Huawei for developers, based on the OAuth2.0 standard protocol. HUAWEI ID allows you to conveniently and safely log in to third-party websites or apps that have integrated HUAWEI ID.

    When you log in to a third-party website or app using your HUAWEI ID, we will only share your personal data such as nickname and profile picture with the relevant third-party website or app with your consent.

  • HUAWEI Push

    HUAWEI Push is a messaging platform provided by Huawei for developers, which establishes an encrypted cloud-to-phone transmission channel and allows developers to notify you of important news in a timely manner. We will not provide your personal information to app developers.

    If you do not wish to receive push notifications from a third-party app, you can disable Allow notifications for the app in question.

The services and specific features of services vary by country and region. Please refer to the actual services and apps on your device.

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