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About NEXT-IMAGE Awards

As an important part of Huawei's NEXT-IMAGE Plan, which started in 2017, the annual NEXT-IMAGE Awards is committed to inspiring mobile phone users worldwide to create a new visual culture. The "NEXT" in NEXT-IMAGE refers to the photographers using next generation tools to create and spread cutting-edge visual content. "IMAGE" refers to both static imagery as well as new forms of dynamic visual expression. HUAWEI proposed the "NEXT-IMAGE" concept not only to highlight the many years of innovation it has brought to the field of visual expression, but also to create a concept that represents a new growing school of photography.

The NEXT-IMAGE Awards embody Huawei's dedication to the craft and artistry of modern photography. By equipping aspiring photographers with cutting-edge technology, Huawei hopes to provide the outlet for an outpouring of creative inspiration.