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1 Your Account

What are the benefits of creating an account?

There are many benefits you can enjoy by creating an account, which include:
receiving promotion vouchers for subscribers;
receiving notifications about offers and promotions for products of interest;
tracking orders in Your Account;
submitting return requests in Your Account;
canceling a paid order in Your Account.

How do I register?

The easiest way is to click here.
• Go to [website].
• Click this icon login image on the website and click Login.
• Select Register.
You must provide a valid email address or phone number to complete your HUAWEI ID registration.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

You can click here to reset your password.
• Go to [website].
• Click this iconlogin image on the website and click Login.
• Select Forgot password to reset your password.

How can I change my HUAWEI ID information?

When you register with your e-mail address or phone number:
Login and go to Account.
• Click Consult your personal information > Profile

To modify your account personal information such as your nickname or login:
Login and go to Account
• Click Consult your personal information > Profile

Do I need to create an account to make a purchase on the website?

No. You can make purchases on the website without registering an account through Continue as a guest. If you do so, it's essential that the contact details are accurately completed. We use these details to send you your order information and contact you for any matters relating to your order. However, please note some offers are only applied for registered users.

2 Order and Purchase

Can I make a purchase through the hotline, live chat, or by email?

No. We only accept orders made via the website.

When will I get an order number?

You will get an order number when your order is submitted.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

When an item is in stock, the Add to cart buttons will be available. If an item is out of stock, you will see Notify me instead. In this case, you can click Notify me to be notified by email when the item is available. Please note that we cannot guarantee how long the stock will last and if the item is out of stock again, you’ll need to sign up again to be notified.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your purchase prior to the packing process in the warehouse. You can do so via Your Account after login. If it is a guest order, you can Contact Us for help

How can I track my order?

When using your HUAWEI ID:
Login to your account and click Track Order.
• Select the order you want to track; you will then be able to see the order status of this order.
When using Guest purchase:
• Click Track Order under this iconlogin image on the website.
• Enter your email address, order number and verification code.
• You can then view the status of your order by clicking View Order Status.

Can I edit the order information (recipient, address, etc.) after submitting?

No. You cannot modify your order information after the order is submitted.

Can I add another item to a placed order?

No. You cannot add extra items to a placed order. You would have to place a new order.

What kind of personal information do I have to provide when placing an order?

When placing an order you are required to enter the full name, a valid address, and contact details of the recipient.

3 Payment and Financing

What payment methods are available on the Online Store?

Currently available payment methods are:
Credit/Debit Card: Visa, MasterCard
Cash on delivery (COD)
Fawry Pay

Does the Online Store have a maximum amount of payment?

The payment limit is EGP 50000 (including VAT).

Can I split the payment in several parts if the order exceeds my purchase limit?

You must make the full payment for your order, and currently we do not offer payment in instalments.

What should I do if I was charged for the wrong amount?

If you believe that you have been charged for an incorrect amount for your order, please Contact Us and provide the order number and proof of payment.

How long does it take for the payment to be refunded? What if I do not receive a refund?

We will process your refund once the item comes back to us. It will normally take fourteen (14) working days for the refund to appear in your bank account, depending on your card provider. If you do not receive the refund within this timeline, please Contact Us.

If I want to cancel my order after paying, how can I get the money back?

If you cancel your order or return your Product in accordance with Return Policy, the money will be refunded through the same method of payment.

Can the invoice information be changed for business use or other reasons?

We can change the information on an existing invoice for you. It is also possible to change personal invoices to business invoices and vice versa.
To have the invoice information changed, you’ll need to Contact Us. Please include your order number and the changes that you wish to be made to the invoice.

Can an invoice be created separately for each item in an order with multiple Products?

By default, only one invoice will be issued for one order. The system does not allow creating separate invoices for each item. If you need an individual invoice for each item, you’ll need to make your purchase each of them in separate orders.

4 Shipping

When will my order be shipped out?

If the items are in stock, generally two (2) working days after the order has been placed. We will inform you if any items are temporarily out of stock or require more time to be delivered

What is the shipping fee?

Free delivery is available for all orders over EGP 350 (incl. VAT). The shipping fee for orders up to EGP 350 (incl. VAT) is EGP 21 (incl. VAT). The shipping fee will be displayed on the payment page and in the order confirmation email.

Which delivery company provides services for the consumers in Egypt?

Aramex international Egypt for Air and Local Services

Can I change the shipping address for my order?

If you have completed the payment, you can directly contact Aramex to change your shipping address.

I placed an order of bundled Products, but I didn't receive all the items. What should I do?

Please sign after you confirm that all the items are complete. If you find any missing items, please reject them directly. If you have any questions, please Contact Us for assistance.

What should I do if my Products are damaged during shipment?

If your Products show signs of damage when they are delivered to you, we suggest that you do neither sign nor accept the package. If you find any damage after opening the Products package, please Contact Us within twenty-four (24) hours after opening. We also recommend that you take photos of the damage as evidence.

Where can my order be delivered?

Orders can be only delivered to a valid address in Egypt except for some remote areas. If your address is not available for delivery, our delivery partner will contact you to obtain the most convenient address that Products can be delivered to.

Can I pick up my order at a Huawei Authorized Service Center?

No, pick up service is not available at the moment.

Do I have to pay shipping costs when returning or replacing a Product?

If you want to return your Product in accordance with Return Policy, you could obtain a pre-paid return label from us. If you don’t use the return label provided by us, you may need to bear the delivery cost. To ensure that you will get the full refund, please also return all accessories and gifts. For more detailed information, please see our Return Policy.

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

No, the delivery will only be fulfilled during working days.

Why do I receive my order in separate deliveries?

A single order for multiple goods may be delivered separately due to the size of the package, the number of batteries, multiple sellers, etc.

Can I schedule the delivery based on my availability to receive the package?

Yes, you can schedule the delivery when receiving WhatsApp or call from Aramex

How can I know if an item can be delivered to my area?

Please Contact Us to confirm whether the Products can be delivered to your area. In general, we are happy to ship your order to the shipping address in your order. However, we may not ship your order to your address due to the change of logistics network, COVID-19 and the characteristic of the Product in your order.

My order status says ‘Delivered' but I haven't received my item?

Please Contact Us for assistance

What communications will I receive about my order?

We will send updates by email, so you can stay updated on your delivery. Once your order leaves our warehouse, we'll send you an email. This will include your order number and a link to the tracking information. We will also send you email notifications on the day of delivery and the date you sign for the delivery, depending on your selected delivery method, address and courier. You may receive about three (3) notifications per Product on your order.

How will you ensure my item is delivered safely?

As soon as your item(s) have been shipped, we'll send you a Shipment Notification email that includes the estimated delivery date and tracking number. You can also view this information via Order Status on the website. If you will not be available to receive the package on the scheduled delivery date, you can schedule the delivery when Aramex contacts you via WhatsApp or phone. If Aramex cannot contact you, your package will be temporarily stored at the Aramex site for the next delivery. If the delivery fails more than one (1) week, we may no longer make the Product available for delivery and immediately cancel the applicable Contract, in which case we will refund to you or your debit card company as applicable any money already paid to us (except for additional costs arising from your selection of a different delivery method that is more expensive than the standard delivery offered by us) under the applicable Contract.

5 Returns and Cancellation

How long is the sealed return (withdrawal) period?

You have fourteen (14) days to notify us if you wish to return a Product provided that the Products have not been opened and the packaging is in its original condition. Generally, this starts on the day following your acceptance of the delivery. Please see the Return Policy for more details.

I want to return a Product during the no reason return period, but am unable to send it at that time. Am I still able to return it?

Don't worry, you have a further seven (7) days to send the Product(s) back to us after you have received the return label from Huawei. The seven (7)-day period starts on the day after your return request is approved. Please see the Return Policy for more details.

I haven't received the return label, what should I do?

Please Contact Us for assistance. We will either send you the label again or create a new label for you.

Can I return a part of my order?

Yes. You can return some of the Products in your order while keeping others. However, if you order a bundle or have received a gift with your order, you may have to return the bundle or gifts to receive your full refund. Please see our Return Policy for more details.

Can I replace my Products?

You can replace your Products if they are faulty within thirty (30) days from your receipt. Your Products can only be replaced with the same type of products. See the Return Policy for more details.

What happens if I don't return a Product in full (e.g. you don't return the accessories)?

If any parts(s) or item(s) of a Product are not returned, we may reject your return request or deduct an appropriate amount of the missing part(s) from the refund after your confirmation. If you return the missing item(s) at a later date, please Contact Us for assistance.

What actions should I perform before packing a Product that I want to return?

If the product is a phone or tablet please restore the phone or tablet to its factory settings to ensure all personal data is removed.
This can be done by going to Settings > All > Backup & reset > Factory data reset on the phone/tablet.

6 Warranty

What should I do if I have lost the warranty certificate?

We base our commercial warranty status on the device's SN number. In case of a claim, you will also be able to use the invoice as the basis for your warranty. Please see Huawei’s Warranty Policy for more details.

How is the warranty period defined?

Please see Huawei’s Warranty Policy for details.

How do I find the Huawei Authorized Service Center?

Please click here for more information about the Huawei Authorized Service Center, including contact information and opening hours.

How do I enquire the repair status of my Product(s)?

Please Contact Us to receive information on the repair status of your Product(s).

How long does it take to repair a defective Product?

We will do our best to complete repairs in fourteen (14) business days.

Are there any costs for warranty repair if the Product is repaired within the warranty period?

Repairs performed under commercial and legal warranties are free of charge. For more details, please see Huawei’s Warranty Policy.

7 HUAWEI Community

What is HUAWEI Community?

HUAWEI Community is the official fan club of Huawei. Here you can meet Huawei fans from every part of the world. Huawei fans share experience, spread their unique idea, and connect to each other here in various ways.

What can I get from HUAWEI Community?

You can get information and news about Huawei, such as latest news, exclusive insights, or beta recruitment. HUAWEI Community also offers fun activities which are both fascinating and rewarding. And you can also meet likeminded friends here. In HUAWEI Community, you’ll meet fans around the world, who are passionate and resourceful just like you.

What makes HUAWEI Community different from other HUAWEI-related forums?

HUAWEI Community is the only official fans club website of Huawei, which means you can use HUAWEI ID you already have to login without extra registration, communicate to Huawei teams directly, and get your own voices heard. The official Huawei teams include the admin team, the service team, and the engineer team. You can recognize them with the “Official Account” badges on their avatars. We also have excellent user moderators who are willing and ready to help anytime.

How can I contribute to HUAWEI Community?

Members in HUAWEI Community can share photos, tutorials, and discuss other interesting topics together such as games, apps, even movies and music. You are more than welcomed to share your opinions on the products and your daily life here. Great user contents are spotted regularly by the admins and moderators, and will be pushed to homepage, pinned to the top of the category list, or selected to the Photography Weekly column.

Is there any rule I need to follow?

As a matter of fact, yes. Although we are a diversified community, there are still basic manners to be observed. We have listed the most essential rules for building a better community here.

What benefit can I gain from HUAWEI Community?

As a community member, you can learn news and tricks related to all kinds of products; and you have the chance of winning super cool prizes by participating in various community activities. In addition, we have a user growth system to help you achieve higher performances. For detailed point gaining and user grading information, you can click here to learn more.

How to create a new thread?

You can either click the “+” icon on the homepage, or go to a specific section and then click the same icon. After you go to the thread editing page, put everything the page required, and then click “Submit”. Please make sure you post in the correct category, or your question might not get answered promptly. We also have a draft feature for you to save the writings for later editing. Each user can save up to five (5) drafts, and all the drafts can be found in your personal user center.

What are those icons in the bottom of a thread?

The icons are useful tools you might need: Comment, Like, Collect, Share and Report. You can find your collected threads in your personal center’s Collection section. Also if you see anything inappropriate, don’t hesitate to click the “Report” icon. The admin team will get a notice to handle it.

How can I change my personal settings?

You can access your personal center by clicking your own avatar on the upper right corner on any page. You can change community-related settings in that page, however, any change on personal information such as avatar, username, phone number and etc. will be redirected to HUAWEI User Portal, a data center interface for all HUAWEI IDs.

Why do some users carry a small badge on their avatar?

The small badge is an identification for users to recognize community managing teams. There are several kinds of identities: admin, moderator, official account, and etc. You can contact an admin or a moderator for any help you need on HUAWEI Community. We also have service staff in HUAWEI Community to solve your queries.

What are medals, and how can I get them?

Medals are honor badges in HUAWEI Community to show a member’s achievements. The medals will be displayed under a member’s avatar, or in their personal center. You can get medals by doing daily tasks such as login, posting threads, comment threads, and etc. Your personal medal center can be accessed in your personal center, where you can see all the medals names and your current progress.

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