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      This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

      · The warranty period is 12 month from the date of purchase and warranty period for accessories is 6 month from the date of purchase.

      · During the warranty period, Huawei or authorized service center will repair the device or replace parts of it if the device has a manufacture defect, during the warranty period the customer will not be charged (spare parts or any other costs) to repair device, all the used spare parts will be Service Center property.

      · It is allowed to open and fix device without customer permission once the device is submitted to the Service Center.

      Warranty will be invalid for below conditions:

      · If it exposed to any form of misuse, improper storage, excessive humidity, wetness, excessive temperatures, high voltage, attempt to fix it outside the authorized service centers, spills of liquids, food or Fractures.

      · Trying to decode the device or download non official programs.

      · Any attempt to remove or change the serial number of the device and its accessories or damaging the warranty card.

      · Using non-original accessories.

      · Attempting to Remove or change the warranty seal, Battery or using the device's battery for other devices.

      · Except of warranty terms set above, Huawei does not grant any guarantees, either express or implied by law or otherwise, regarding the appropriate product for any particular purpose or otherwise so Huawei is not responsible for it.

      · In the case of repeated failure more than twice during the warranty period, which affects the functionality of the device, the device will be replaced with a new one for all its contents (free of charge) or the device will be returned with a refund of the value specified in the purchase invoice, after the necessary technical inspection for the third time to make sure that there is no misuse from customer's side.

      · The maximum duration for maintenance process is 21 days after this duration the Company will replace with a new one with all its contents with the completion of the original warranty period and free of charge or refund the original value, either because of the failure to repair or the availability of spare parts for repair.

      · Customer must keep the original invoice within the warranty period and make sure to match the date of the tax invoice with the date of the warranty Card attached to preserve the Customer's right.

      Exchange Policy:

      · If there is any defect which will affect the performance of the device or wasn't compatible with the specifications within 30 days of the purchasing date, Customer can replace the device and it's accessories with a new one or refund the amount value of the device from the Selling point only if the device and it's accessories are in original condition and the tax invoice is available.