Introduction to HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services)

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Introduction to HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services)

HMS Core, based on Huawei devices and the Android platform, is a mobile service framework that opens up a variety of service capabilities to app developers. It provides basic services, such as HUAWEI ID, payments, and Notifications for Huawei end users. Users can log in to their HUAWEI ID on any device that has installed HMS Core to access services provided by Huawei, including AppGallery, Cloud, Wallet, and Health, as well as third-party apps that have been integrated with HMS Core, to enjoy an all-scenario smart life experience. HMS Core also provides developers' apps with a multitude of services, such as message push, quick HUAWEI ID login, in-app purchases, positioning, map, games, and machine learning, to help them bring a better user experience to Huawei device users.

Just like GMS Core (Google Mobile Services), HMS Core can run on the Android Open Source Project (Android system) and supports Android apps. However, certain Android apps require support from GMS Core and may not be able to run on HMS Core.

To continuously improve your user experience and provide a wider range of service capabilities for devices and apps, new versions of HMS Core will be released as needed. It is recommended that you stay tuned for HMS Core updates and update to the latest available version at your earliest convenience. (For more information, refer to How to update HMS Core) Please stay tuned for more information from official Huawei sources.

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