Benefit for Platinum Service

2-Year HUAWEI Care+

  • Enjoy 2 times accident warranty for device damage, with original parts replacement within 2 years.

International Warranty

Warranty covers free non-human defect repairs in multiple countries.

On-Site Collection

Enjoy 2 times free pick-up and delivery from/to your home for repairs within 2 years.

Refresh service

Enjoy 2 times Refresh Service within 2 years, including Cleaning service, Water-resistant performance maintenance , Premium box packaging after repair.

Spare Units

Enjoy uninterrupted communication during your device maintenance with a backup device.

Service Center Location

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: What is covered under the international warranty?
    A: The international warranty covers free repair of any defects caused by manufacturing errors in various countries, including China, Poland, Türkiye, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Singapore, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Croatia, Czech, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.
    (Start time of international warranty in each country, subject to the time of product launch in that country)
  • Q: What is the HUAWEI Care+ program?
    A: The HUAWEI Care+ program provides a two-year accidental warranty for device damage. You can replace or repair the equipment once per year within 12/24 months due to accidental drop, collision, external force squeeze, or liquid ingestion. You just need to pay the handling fee of 42 KWD per repair.
  • Q: What is included in the Refresh Service?
    A: You can enjoy two times Refresh Services within two years, including cleaning, waterproof performance maintenance, and premium box packaging after repair.
  • Q: Is there an on-site collection service available?
    A: Yes, we offer free pick-up and delivery service. You can call our HUAWEI Service Hotline at 1809809 to request the service.
  • Q: Will I have a backup device during maintenance?
    A: Yes, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication during your device maintenance with a spare unit.
》》Click to view terms and conditions of Platinum Services

Terms & Conditions

1- The Platinum Services provide you with 2 Years Free Protection which allow you to repair one damaged part of the device for one time during the 2 years from device purchasing time.

2- This benefit is applicable for HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN which purchased from authorized sale channels in Kuwait.

3- Collection Service are only applicable in Kuwait and only one time per year from device purchase date “in case customer have claimed and activated the Platinum services to the device”.
Please be informed that the onsite repair can only cover the software issues, if any hardware issues need to be repaired, then the device must be handled in service center.

4- Customers need to pay replacement fees when they got benefit from this service, the handling free is 42 KWD for HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN

5- Customers can enjoy this benefit by visiting the HUAWEI Customer Service Center.

6- Platinum services organizers have the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior consent.

7- For more information, please contact us by call 1809809 or via live chat from My HUAWEI App or from Official Support Website.