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EMUI 13 connects your devices and coordinates your tasks, creating a wholly immersive digital world that's tailored to your needs. Your wish is its command, with seamless interactions and handy service widgets to bridge the divide between devices.

Smart Personalised

Take a Swipe at it

EMUI 13 Operating System service cards

* The video is for function illustration.

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Swipe up the app icon for quick information at that time and get access to the services swiftly.

Stack to Save

Flexibly-sized widget

EMUI 13 Operating System service widgets
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Free up space by
stacking widgets

EMUI 13 Operating System service widgets
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Feel free to stack Service Widgets of the same size to free up more space, or mix widgets, system buttons and shortcuts, to craft the home screen of your dreams.

Smart Folders

EMUI 13 Operating System resizable smart folders
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Large folders come in different sizes, and provide easy and direct access to your favourite apps.

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Drag to Share

EMUI 13 Operating System SuperHub
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Long press on any text, pic, or file that catches your eye, drag it to SuperHub, and paste or share it to any app or connected device. Find, reuse, and delete previously pasted and shared content with remarkable ease.1

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EMUI 13 Operating System SuperHub

Super Device

More Devices to Connect

EMUI 13 Operating System super device

Super Device supports collaborations between a wider range of devices – including the HUAWEI Vision, HUAWEI MateBook, and HUAWEI MatePad Paper.2 Thanks to the Drag to Connect feature, connecting your devices has never been so easy.

Multi-Tasking Made Easy

EMUI 13 Operating System Large Landscape Window

Multi-Screen Collaboration now comes with a Landscape Window mode, which allows you to open phone apps in large landscape windows3, from the convenience of your laptop screen. Make full use of the larger display, by browsing your inbox or note list while composing an email or note.

More to See,
More to Shoot

EMUI 13 Operating System multi-cam

Shoot from any angle on any connected phone, and get a side-by-side view on a single screen.4 During video chats, you can even switch between the cameras on your different devices, to keep the other party on the edge of their seat!5

Share Your Music.
Keep Your Headphones.

EMUI 13 Operating System Audio sharing
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Pull down from the Control Panel to share audio with a friends' HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2, and continue listening without missing a beat!

Store More,
Stress Less


EMUI 13 Operating System super storage
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Your phone will help clear up to 20 GB of storage space6, by stacking duplicate files, compressing lesser-used apps, and eliminating unnecessary re-downloads, leaving more room for the things you love.

and Security

Gives You More
Your Privacy

Privacy Centre

EMUI 13 Operating System Privacy Centre

Gives you a sense of how frequently your apps access your personal data, with an intuitive dashboard, and offers system-level security risk detection, to steer you clear of high-risk app behaviour.

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EMUI 13 Operating System Privacy Centre

Security Centre7

EMUI 13 Operating System Security Centre

When device protection feature is enabled, your device will automatically scan for security risks, viruses, and harassing behaviours, to detect and deter malicious apps. You can rest assured knowing that your security is top-notch at all times.

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EMUI 13 Operating System Security Centre

Keep a Low Profile
in Shared Photos

Sensitive Information Removal8

EMUI 13 Operating System Sensitive Information Removal

When you enable picture privacy protection, sensitive information such as the shooting location, time, and device model used to take the picture, will be removed, so that you can share on social media with absolute peace of mind.

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EMUI 13 Operating System Sensitive Information Removal
  1. These devices need to be logged in to the same Huawei account, be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and have Bluetooth enabled. For more information, please contact Huawei customer service.
  2. Images are for reference only. Supported models and interfaces are subject to the actual situation.
  3. This feature is now only supported in the HUAWEI Notepad and Mail apps, and will be supported in more apps via HOTA update.
  4. This feature requires a HOTA update. Supported models and interfaces are subject to the actual situation.
  5. Available only in select countries/regions. Please contact Huawei Customer Service Center for more details.
  6. Data is based on Huawei Lab test results of HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro 256 GB. Please refer to actual usage.
  7. Images are only for illustrative purposes. The actual interface shall prevail.
  8. This feature applies to pictures stored locally on the phone. When the feature is enabled, third-party apps will be unable to read private information in the pictures.
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