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More Care, Less Worries.HUAWEI Care is a protection plan which protects your new HUAWEI device.

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Key features

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor

  • 2.5K HUAWEI FullView Display

  • 90 Hz High Refresh Rate

  • Portable Powerhouse

  • <p>Yes dear, it comes with Fingerprint Unlock feature</p>
  • <p>HUAWEI MateBook 13s comes equipped with the powerful 11th generation Intel® Core™ H-Series processor and Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics17. With up to 40 W of thermal design power in Performance Mode18, you'll be able to run multiple programs at any one time and enjoy incredible levels of multitasking. Plus, experience instant access to all your files via the dual-channel memory and high-speed SSD, making it a powerful gaming machine</p>
  • <p>Huawei Share supports Multi-screen Collaboration between Huawei smartphones and HUAWEI MateBooks, enabling real-time interaction across the systems. Drag and drop files and photos between devices in smooth convenience, and control both devices with the same keyboard and mouse. Seamlessly edit files on your phone directly on the laptop screen with efficiency. In addition, the Multi-screen Collaboration allows smartphones to access the microphone and camera on the laptop, so you can make or answer audio and video calls without picking up the mobile phone</p>
  • <p>When the computer is running apps such as games, HD videos, large scale audio, video, or graphics editing software, CPU and GPU power consumption is high. Fan speed will increase accordingly to dissipate the heat produced, and in such cases increased fan noise is normal. When you close intensive apps, fan noise decreases.</p> <p>When apps are running in the background, they occupy CPU resources. As a result, the fan speed increases and so does noise level. Right-click the Windows icon and then click Task Manager. Go to the Process tab, and rank the processes by the CPU usage to check which processes are heavily occupying the CPU usage. If a process is not necessary, right-click it and click End task.</p> <p>Open PC Manager, and update PC Manager and BIOS to the latest versions.</p>
  • <p>Now that the MateBook 14s camera takes advantage of a much more classic position: this is located in the upper border of the the replacement button is Huawei share and app button</p>
  • <p>HUAWEI MateBook 14s has the power to endure with its super-high capacity 60 Wh battery19. that could last with you up to 13 hours of heavy usage.</p>