Backing Up Data to an External Storage Device

适用产品: Smartphone
适用版本: Unrelated to OS version
Backing Up Data to an External Storage Device

If your phone's storage space is insufficient, to prevent the loss of important data, you can use an external storage card or USB storage device to back up and restore data. You can back up data to external storage such as a USB storage device, an external storage card, or a shared folder.

The shared folder requires a professional NAS storage device, which is not described here.

Backing up data using a USB storage device


  • Prepare a USB storage device that your phone supports: a USB flash drive or a card reader inserted with a storage card.
  • Prepare a Huawei OTG cable to ensure stable connection.


  1. Connect your phone to the USB storage device using the OTG cable.
  2. Choose Settings > System > Backup & restore > External storage > USB storage > Back up on your phone.
  3. Select the data to be backed up. You are advised to select All at the top and click Back Up.

  4. After you click Back Up, an encryption notification is displayed. You can click Skip or Encryption.
  5. If you select Encryption, Encryption protection is displayed. You can turn on Encryption protection and set a password.
  6. After the password is set, the system prompts you to set the password hint. Please set a question that can help you remember the password.

    If the backup encryption function is enabled, the password cannot be retrieved after being forgotten. Then the encrypted data cannot be restored to the phone. The password hint can only help you remember the password but cannot help you retrieve the password.

  7. After the password is set, the system automatically starts the backup. Wait until the backup is completed.

    If you select Skip in step 4 or select Cancel during password setting, the system automatically starts backing up data.

Backing up data using an external storage card

To back up data using an external storage card, a suitable memory card (NM card or SD card) needs to be inserted into the mobile phone. If the mobile phone does not support a memory card, then data cannot be backed up to an external storage card.

The procedure for backing up data using an external storage card is the same as that for backing up data using an external USB storage device.