HUAWEI nova 12i

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HUAWEI nova 12i KV
HUAWEI nova 12i KV

108 MP High-Res Photography1 | 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo2 | 256 GB Large Storage3

  • HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features 1

    108 MP High-Res Photography1

    Turn every moment into a masterpiece

    HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features icon
  • HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features 2

    Whole day's use with a half-an-hour charge4

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  • HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features 3

    Powers you from
    dawn to dusk

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  • HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features 4

    Fun Together

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  • HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features 5

    256 GB Large Storage3

    Space for more favourites

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  • HUAWEI nova 12i Top Features 6

    6.7-inch AOD Display6

    Vast, eye-soothing screen

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HUAWEI nova 12i Design



Shimmer and

This phone is a sight to behold and a pleasure to hold, with its iconic Star Orbit Ring that presents central axisymmetric aesthetics and fine-grained matte finish.

  • Green
  • Black
HUAWEI nova 12i Appearance 1
HUAWEI nova 12i Appearance 2

What a Vivid View

Feast your eyes on an immersive 6.7-inch AOD Display6 and get what you need at a glance, including time, incoming calls, and app notifications.

HUAWEI nova 12i Display
HUAWEI nova 12i Display
HUAWEI nova 12i Design



108 MP
Main Camera

HUAWEI nova 12i 108 MP Camera


The phone's 108 MP portrait camera is sure to show you at your best, with vibrant skin and vivid facial features.

HUAWEI nova 12i HD Sample Of Front Camera 2

Vast Vistas
in Full View

Recreate priceless moments, timeless memories, and spectacular scenes in all the majesty that they deserve.

HUAWEI nova 12i Low Light Shot

Clear in
Low Light

Uncover new beauty under cover of darkness, and tap the shutter to bring it out of the shadows and on to your screen.

HUAWEI nova 12i AI Snap Shot

Seize Moments

Capture the action unfolding in front of you, whether it's a scampering pet or sporting event, with a camera that never misses a beat.

HUAWEI nova 12i Selfie

Selfies that

Bask in the glow of you at your best, and take selfies with stunning clarity and natural beauty.

HUAWEI nova 12i Design



Space for More Favourites

With more space for your favourite apps, photos, and videos, you can quit deleting and start creating.

HUAWEI nova 12i Storage
HUAWEI nova 12i Storage

Fast Fueling,
Long Running

Power through your day thanks to a massive 5000 mAh battery5, and get more juice on the go with 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo mode2, which rockets the charge to 62% in a mere 30 minutes7.

HUAWEI nova 12i Battery

Fingerprint Enrollment

Press and rotate your finger across the Power button to enrol your fingerprint in one fluid motion.

  • 5% HUAWEI nova 12i Fingerprint Scanner icon
    Faster unlocking8
  • 85% HUAWEI nova 12i Fingerprint Scanner icon
    Faster fingerprint
HUAWEI nova 12i Fingerprint Scanner
HUAWEI nova 12i EMUI 14

Mini Gadgets,
Massive Impact

    • Emoji
    • Live view9
    • SuperHub 2.010
    • Emoji

      Create captivating wallpapers filled with your favourite emojis to put your mood on full display.

    • Live view9

      Get up-to-the-second service updates and direct access, with Live view, which switches seamlessly between two forms.

    • SuperHub 2.010

      Enjoy boosted efficiency and unleash your creativity, with the new and improved SuperHub 2.0, which allows you to drag and drop your materials and files, transfer them among multiple devices, and arrange them in batches with greater ease.

    HUAWEI nova 12i emoji
    HUAWEI nova 12i Live Video Window
    HUAWEI nova 12i SuperHub 2.0
  • Your Privacy,
    Our Priority
    Privacy Centre
    See how frequently your apps access your personal data, with an intuitive dashboard, and steer clear of risky app behaviour with system-level security checks.
    HUAWEI nova 12i Privacy Security 1
    Security Centre
    When device protection feature is enabled, your device will scan for security risks, viruses, and spam, to detect and deter malicious apps. You can rest assured knowing that your security is top-notch at all times.
    HUAWEI nova 12i Privacy Security 2
  1. The rear main camera is a 108 MP camera. 108 MP portrait photography can be experienced in HIGH-RES mode. Please refer to the actual product.
  2. The maximum wired charging power is 40 W and the HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo mode is supported, and can only be reached when the dedicated 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge charger and cable are used. The actual charging power may vary.
  3. The available memory capacity is less than this value because the phone software occupies some space.
  4. Data comes from Huawei lab tests conducted in specific environments. Actual charging and usage may vary depending on product differences, usage habits, and environmental factors.
  5. The typical battery capacity is 5000 mAh. The rated battery capacity is 4900 mAh.
  6. The screen measures 6.7 inches diagonally across, assuming a standard rectangle. The actual display area may be smaller than the stated value, due to the presence of rounded corners. This product is not a medical device, and should not be used for treatment purposes.
  7. The charging data comes from Huawei labs. When the temperature is 25 ± 1℃ and the relative humidity is 45%–80%, use the original HUAWEI SuperCharge charger and cable, enable Turbo mode, and the phone can be charged from 3% to 62% in 30 minutes with the screen off. (During charging, the phone temperature increases slightly, which is normal.) Actual charging performance may vary depending on the product, usage habit, and environment.
  8. Data comes from Huawei labs, and is obtained by comparing with previous-generation products. Actual usage shall prevail.
  9. This feature is only available in specific apps. Actual usage shall prevail.
  10. SuperHub is only supported in certain apps and scenarios. In order to use the feature, you'll need to log in to the same HUAWEI ID, connect to the same Wi-Fi network, and enable Bluetooth on all devices. For more information, please contact Huawei customer service.
  11. Product appearance (including but not limited to colours and UX functions) is for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.
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