HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides solid foundation for the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3

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HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides solid foundation for the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3
HUAWEI Health Lab is the hero for the amazing features on the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3
HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) supports the continuous innovation of the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3

On 17th November, HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 was unveiled at the Huawei All-Scenario Smart Life New Product Launch, continuing to innovate and strengthen the company’s health and fitness product line-up. The latest smartwatch not only comes with new HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0+ and other advanced technologies to provide more comprehensive health monitoring features, but it also introduces an intelligent dynamic adjustment plan and 100+ workout modes, including 18 professional workout modes, making it an industry-leading smartwatch. Behind the solid performance, the HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides a strong foundation for product development.

HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides solid foundation for the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3

Run around the earth for four and a half laps just to developed more professional running plan

Since its birth, the HUAWEI WATCH GT Series has continuously helped users to workout scientifically and maintain health and vitality through the power of science and technology. Based on the HUAWEI TruSport™, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Series adopts a brand-new running performance index, Running Ability Index (RAI), bringing a running power improvement system centred around the RAI and training load. The RAI and the gap between the target and the training load are used to scientifically measure the training volume. At the same time, the intelligent dynamic adjustment plan combines scientific and human considerations, comprehensively analyses the weekly plan execution and physical feedback, and automatically adjusts the training plan for the next week to make users enjoy more of their training.

To further improve the professionality of the intelligent adjustment plan and cater different types of runners, in 2021, the test mileage of the HUAWEI Health Lab reached 192,500 km, which is equivalent to four and a half laps around the earth. In the exercise physiology research area of the lab, there is a golden combination of running tests: cardiopulmonary function metabolism meter, heart rate belt, and professional treadmill. Researchers in the lab use it to accurately monitor the workout data, including characteristics such as VO2 max, calorie consumption, and workout heart rate.

HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides solid foundation for the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3

The cardiopulmonary function metabolism meter is an expensive medical instrument that is usually used by professional medical institutions. The subject will wear the special mask and professional heart rate belt. The composition of their exhaled breath, oxygen consumption and heart rate during running will be recorded in the computer, and the VO2 max. Compared with treadmills in ordinary gyms, the most significant difference between professional treadmills is that it has a wider track, and there is an anti-fall suspension emergency stop device directly above the treadmill to protect subjects. Its fastest speed can reach 40 km/h, simulating a high intensity running environment to obtain health and fitness data under extreme running conditions. Based on the accurate running data collection of Huawei's smart wearable devices, a team of experts with sports training knowledge will interpret the meaning behind the data for runners. At the same time, use the computer science knowledge incubation program to intelligently formulate a more scientific training plan for the runners.

The HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) comes with a three-dimensional force plate and posture analysis treadmill to unveil the secret of running posture, visualising the pressure distribution to correct runners’ running postures, and reduce running problems to avoid the risk of injury.

100+ workout modes to include the mainstream sports

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 offers upgraded workout monitoring features, providing over 100 workout modes including 18 professional workout modes. No matter what sports you are interested in, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 is ready to take the challenge with you.

In the HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake), it can be said that you can go up the mountain and back down to the sea, challenge the limit anytime and anywhere, and simulate a professional workout. There is an artificial climbing wall in the lab, which is 10.5 m high and 10.2 m wide. The total climbing area is about 156 m² with more than 10 routes for simulation. With HUAWEI WATCH GT 3, users can select the rock-climbing workout mode to record their heart rate and energy consumption during rock climbing. There is also a swimming pool with a length of 5.02 m, a width of 2.52 m and a depth of 1.6 m. It is mainly composed of paddle wheels, pool body, water quality monitoring system, temperature regulation system, water sports rehabilitation equipment, etc. The total cost is more than 2 million yuan. The environment of the dynamic swimming pool can simulate the environmental state of the open waters and can be used to support the data collection, scheme design and verification.

HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides solid foundation for the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3

Huawei conducts field simulation and testing of the 100 workout modes in the lab. The table tennis research and detection area can simulate national team-level return service training. Moreover, the golf research platform records the on-swing time, off-swing time, swing rhythm, swing speed and swing motion data of different groups of people. In the group exercise testing area, subjects will be regularly organised to conduct group exercise tests, including various types of yoga, Pilates, dance, aerobics, Tai Chi, Baduan Jin and other training. Lastly, the multifunctional sports research platform can simulate running, cycling, skiing, roller skating, skateboarding and other sports scenes

HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) provides solid foundation for the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3

With the official launch of the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Series, users will experience more scientific health and fitness management. Behind this, the HUAWEI Health Lab (Songshan Lake) has provided a solid foundation for product development through powerful software and hardware, so that many innovative technologies of the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Series can be truly implemented.

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