New HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro delivers scientific upgrade to measurement accuracy

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New HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro delivers scientific upgrade to measurement accuracy

Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) today announced the launch of HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro, Huawei’s latest iteration of its highly accurate smart scale. HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro received a comprehensive software and hardware upgrade, delivering an intelligent and convenient experience to meet the surging consumer demand for more precise health management.

The HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro is configured with eight dual-frequency electrodes to measure intracellular and extracellular fluid data, complemented by HUAWEI TruFitTM2.0, which features upgraded measurement algorithms developed in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Hefei Institute of Material Science. Together, these technical capabilities enable the scales to set new records in terms of body fat measurement accuracy. The eight professional electrodes are used to pinpoint user body fat, automatically differentiating the body into various parts for meticulous body composition analysis.

Grounded by detailed measurement, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro enables users a better understanding of their body fat rate, skeletal muscle mass and other body compositions, which helps flag any potential risk of central obesity. With the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro, the users can lose fat more effectively and stay on track with their fitness and weight management goals.

Supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dual connectivity, HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro can be used with up to ten different accounts. The scales can automatically identify different family members through intelligent measurement recognition. With this convenient and rapid automatic identification, the whole household can enjoy using HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro.

The HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro features a sleek, integrated design for a more relaxed look and feel. Delivering both style and functionality, the scale adopts tempered glass that brings a comfortable touch and prevents slipping. Breaking out of the usual white, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro adopts the impression of sunrise and uses optical coating technology that presents dazzling light and shadow effects under the light. Unlike other scales with handles that extend from its main body, HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro adopts an embedded handle design, which can hide the handle within the main body to save storage space, and easier to clean.

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