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Privacy Statement

This Platform is managed by HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES UAE L.L.C, a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of U.A.E, with its registered office located at The Bay Gate Tower, Business Bay, Dubai,Dubai, United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei”, "we", "us" or "our").

We understand the importance of your privacy. Take the time to read this privacy notice carefully to understand how we will use your personal data.

The Platform is not intended for use by users under the age of 18. If you are aged under 18, you need your guardian to agree to your use of the Platform and agree to relevant terms thereof.

This declaration describes, in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the following:

1. What data will be collected?

2. How we will use your data?

3. How long do we store your data?

4. How do we share your data?

5. What are your rights and choices?

6. How to contact us?

7. How do we update this statement?

1 What data will be collected?

We may collect and process the following personal data about you, depending on the type of service you use from this Platform:

- Device information: SN, IMEI number, browser information, device model, device operating system version and ROM version, screen size and resolution, mobile country code and language settings.

- Network information: IP address, network type, network operator information, and network connection status, location information.

- Account information: personal data disclosed by Huawei’s affiliate, Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, about your HUAWEI ID, including profile picture and nickname, UID, country, your email address and/or phone number.

- Order information: contact information (including name, phone number, post code, shipping address, email address, billing address, billing name, Customer Tax Registration No), and based on which, we will generate an order number for you.

- Payment information: if you choose to pay by credit card or debit card, card holder’s name, card number, expire date, card verification value, SMS verification code; We will generate a payment number for you.

- Delivery information: shipment number generated by us and tracking number obtained from the delivery company.

- Customer service information: the name, phone number and email address you entered, and the email content, recordings, chat records.

- Product review information: including any of your comments on our products, inquires, ratings and likes.

- Service usage information: browsing and clicking records.

- Information for return or replace: name, phone number, pick up address, Refund Application Number, Return/Replace Number.

- Community participation information: Personal post, comments, reviews with a “like”, shared content, private messages and votes in our Huawei Community forum, as well as your Community nickname and profile photo.

- Location data: location information.

2 How we will use your data?

We process your data in order to provide you with the requested services based on your consent. If you do not agree to the collection and processing of your personal data in connection with these services, you will not be able to benefit from the corresponding service or services.

Log-in: If you choose to log in with your HUAWEI ID as a Member of the Platform, your account information is required for us to provide you with the membership services. As a Member of the Platform, you can maintain the contact information for frequent use, manage your reviews, to check the in-site messages and the membership rights and interests. Without the account information, you can still access the Platform or purchase as a visitor.

Notify Me: In case some product is out of stock, you can leave us your email address so that we can promptly notify you when the product is available for purchase.

Online purchase: Your order information and payment information is needed to process payment, issue invoices, fulfill purchase orders, deliver purchases to the designated address, and to update you of your order progress. If you start the return process, we need to collect the information for return.

Verification: To make sure your order has been fulfilled, to verify and inspect the devices you send back to us for return, we record your device identifier, delivery information and order number before the goods are shipped out for further alignment.

Handling customer inquiries: If you contact us through our customer service to make inquiries such as price consultation, fulfilment of order, promotions, rights and interests, your order number is usually needed to locate the concerned order. We will collect the customer service information so as to inform you about the result or progress. Other than that, information further required is dependent on your inquiries. We will have no choice but to cease such services if you object to our processing of such information.

Fraud and non-fraud risk control: To ensure the security of payment, prevent theft, fraud, financial security hazards, and malicious network attacks, your device identifier, IP address, account information, order information, and payment information will be collected and further processed. If you object to the processing of such data, your payment will be suspended and you will be unable to proceed with the purchase.

Handling the disputed payment: We will transfer your UID, order information, payment number and delivery tracking number to the payment service provider to facilitate the issuer banks in resolving disputed payment.

Service maintenance and business analysis: For the purposes of business development, we use your personal information to conduct trouble shooting, to monitor and analyze our services or stock, and to settle with our suppliers on a necessary basis.

Repair service: We will process your account information, contact information, device information and customer service information for you to request, book and track repairs through the website or through our authorized customer service, as well as collect and deliver devices selected collection point.

HUAWEI CARE service: For providing purchaseable warranty products and maintenance, we process your device identifier to verify the rights that can be purchased by your device and to validate or invalidate the rights. We also collect the order number for the recording of the order information and purchase vouchers. In addition, in order to provide product warranty services, we will process your device identifier and order number for checking the warranty status of your device, you can also provide your device identifier to check the price of spare part.

Find Service centers/stores nearby: When you search for nearby Huawei Customer Service Centers, we will use your location information. The preceding information is only used to provide store locations, and your personal information will not be retained on our servers after use.

Product reviews and FAQ: You can leave and share your product reviews and questions on our Platform. Log-in is required for us to identify commentators. We will process your account information and Product review and FAQ information.

Data analysis: we will process your personal data for statistics and product improvement purposes, including creating aggregated groups based on your service usage information. This enables us to understand our users’ needs, improve the quality and user experience of our current and future services and offerings and send commercial communications based on the aggregated groups.

Community: we will process your community participation information for the purpose of your use of Huawei Community and community environment maintenance.

Commercial communications: We will process your email address and device information, and use the aggregated group information which we create based on your service usage information to send you commercial communications by email or by third-party tools.

Handling the product refund: In order to process your refund request, your order number and payment number will be collected and processed, we will refund you your money after verifying the situation. If the refund cannot be made in the original way you need to provide the card information to us additionally for offline refund. For more information about offline refund, please see the details.

Cookies:For more information on how we use cookies, see the cookie notice.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before your withdrawal. Additionally we will process your personal data as necessary to comply with legal obligations, including tax and accounting requirements, and to establish or defend our legal rights.

3 How long do we store your data?

We retain your personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes defined in this Statement. In particular:

■ We retain order information, delivery information, SN, IMEI, IP address and payment number for 10 years from the date the transaction for the purposes of after-sales services, and legal compliance to tax, and financial-related laws or regulations. We do not retain your payment information with sensitive nature, such as CVV. And we will retain return or replace information for 3 years for the purposes of after-sales services .If you deactivate an account or voluntarily delete an order during the data retention period, we reserve the right to retain these transaction records in the background until the end of the above retention period.

■ The retention periods for personal data in connection with the provision of Huawei online services are set out below:
(1) Online service information: chat record, email content and hotline record will be retained for 2 years from the date of your contact with us.
(2) Your contact information: name, email address, address, phone number and your device details will be retained for up to 2 years from the date of your last contact with us.

■ We retain your HUAWEI ID account information, your frequently used information of recipient and your rights and interests as a member until you deregister your HUAWEI ID.

■ Product reviews that you post on our product pages are presented pseudonymously on our website not attributed to you and remain posted for as long as such function is still accessible.

■ Inquiries you submit through the product page will be posted online pseudonymously, to guide other users for as long as such function is still accessible.

■ Your personal data used for data analysis will be retained for 2 years.

After the retention period expires, we will erase or anonymize your personal data, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

4 How do we share your data?

(1) Disclosure, transfer and storage of your personal data outside of U.A.E:

Your personal data generated during your visit to our Platform will be transferred to, processed and stored in Singapore by Huawei’s affiliate on behalf of us and under our instruction.

■ Disclosure with our affiliate

To conduct verification and conduct business analysis, the order number, payment number, Shipment number, return or replace number, network information and delivery information will be transferred to, processed and stored in China by Huawei’s affiliate on behalf of us and under our instruction and the protection of data processing agreement. Your data relating to your community activities will be transferred to HongKong for forum environment maintenance purpose.

To conduct service maintenance and business analysis, the necessary personal information will be transferred to, processed and stored by Huawei’s affiliate in Singapore on our behalf under our instruction and the protection of data processing agreement.

To control payment risk, the payment risk related data, including device information, network information, account information, order information and payment information will be remote accessed in China, to enable remote (outside of U.A.E) payment risk control. The data is only used for analysis with in system, and no data will be stored in China.

■ Disclosure with our suppliers

To respond to the customer inquiries and deal with order related services, your personal information will be transferred to, processed and stored by our suppliers located in U.A.E and Singapore on behalf of us and under our instructions and the protection of data processing agreement.

We procure suppliers, including Etisal and Webpower, Sending products or services to end users, Your personal information will be transferred to, processed and stored by our suppliers in European Union on behalf of us and under our instructions and the protection of data processing agreement.

We use Google Firebase for data analysis and electronic communications. Your device information and service usage information will be transferred, processed and stored anonymously in United States of America by Google on our behalf.

E-mail for User survey or Marketing, Your personal data will be processed and stored by E-Mail service provider in Netherlands.

We will share SN, order number and delivery information which store in China to our storage service supplier for providing storage services.

■ Disclosure with our partners

We will share your order information which store in china to logistics services provider (SINOTRANS) as independent data controller for providing logistics services, for learning more information how to process your personal data, please read their privacy notices.

(2) Disclosure of your personal data within the U.A.E:

■ Disclosure with our suppliers

Through our payment service provider, partners or other issuer banks provide you with payment related services and operates according to their own purposes and may process your personal data for their own purposes.

In addition to the information and parties mentioned this Privacy Statement, we may disclose information about you to third parties with your consent or at your request.

(3) Disclosures related to legal requirements

We may share your data in response to a legal process or request from a competent authority based on an applicable law or in connection with legal proceeding or process.

(4) Commercial reorganization:

Your personal data may also be shared as part of a merger, acquisition, sale of assets (such as service agreements) or transition of service to a Huawei group or other company.

5 What are your rights and choices?

You have the following rights and choices:

Your right Description How to exercise your rights?
Access right You can receive information and a copy of personal data we have collected and stored about you. (1) Log in, go to Your Account >Personal informations, then click Check your personal data , and then click on your profile picture or nickname in the User Center to go to your account information.
On the Your Account page, you can access order information, address details, registration details. You can click the basket icon to view the contents of the basket.
(2) You can exercise your data subject rights through “Privacy Inquiries”.
Portability right You can receive certain data that you have provided to us in a machine-readable format. If you need to obtain a digital copy of your personal data:
(1) Sign in and click on the Your Account > Personal informations>Check your personal data, and then click Profile.Then select Edit from the Profile menu to obtain your personal information.
(2) You can exercise your data subject rights through “Privacy Inquiries”.
Erase data You can have your data erased under certain conditions. (1)Log in, go to the Your Account >Orders and Address, then click on Consult your orders, then delete the order information and recipient data and / or delete or withdraw entries previously entered.
(2) You can exercise your data subject rights through “Privacy Inquiries”.
Rectify data You can have your inaccurate data corrected and incomplete data completed. (1) Log in, go to the Your Account / Account page/ Orders and address, then click on Consult your orders and click address to modify your account details or the recipient's details.
(2) You can exercise your data subject rights through “Privacy Inquiries”.
Manage your consents You can withdraw consents to the processing of personal data based on your consents. (1) If you want to unsubscribe from the electronic communications, in the email you receive, please click the link for un-subscription. You can also go to Your Account/Account page then click Subscriptions for un-subscription.
(2) For notification of WEB/WAP, please go to browser setting page to withdraw your consent in the respective browser; For notification of APP, please go to Account page to withdraw your consent.
(3) You can exercise your data subject through “Privacy Inquiries”.
Object processing You can object to processing of your data to certain purposes such as direct marketing. (1) If you want to object to the processing of your data for statistical, product improvement or sales and marketing purposes, please contact us through “Privacy Inquiries”.
When making the request, please specify the scope of your objection and provide us with your device information if you are not logged in to the Platform and your email address or phone number if you did not login with your HUAWEI ID.
You can exercise your right of objection through “Privacy Inquiries”.
Restrict processing You can restrict processing of your personal data under certain conditions. You have the right to request for restriction of processing of your data through our “Privacy Inquiries
under the following scenarios:
•The accuracy of your data is contested by you, and we need a period to verify the accuracy of your data.
•Your data is unlawfully processed but you do not want to erase it.
•You have a legal claim that you need to establish, exercise, or defend, and you requested us to keep your data when we would not keep it otherwise.
•Your request for objection is pending our verification.

You can contact us via Privacy Inquiries. If you think that we are not processing your personal data in accordance with this Statement or the applicable data protection laws, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with your data protection authority.

6 How to contact us?

If you want to exercise your privacy rights, or have any privacy issues for which you need to lodge a privacy complaint with our Data Protection Officer (DPO), or want to consult our DPO regarding general data protection, please visit our Privacy Inquiries.

Our address: 24 floor in Baygate Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you think that we are not processing your personal data in accordance with this Statement or the applicable data protection laws, you can also submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

7 How do we update this statement?

We encourage you to regularly check for the latest version of this Statement as we may change it from time to time. If we make changes to this Statement, we will notify you by an appropriate method.

Latest update: 13 March 2021.

IMPORTANT: This Statement applies to the Platform only. If you want to learn more please read Huawei Consumer Business Privacy Statement.

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