[UAE] Trade-in Offer Policy

Applicable products: Audio Series,HUAWEI CPE,PC,HUAWEI FWT,Tablet,Wearable,Smartphone
Applicable products:
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[UAE] Trade-in Offer Policy

1 Service Profile

1.1 What is Trade-in Offer?

This offer is provided and operated by HUAWEI and its partner Vascart General Trading LLC (referred to hereinafter as “Vascart”). This offer comprises a Trade In (“Trade-In”) by which customers are welcome to Trade-In their current smartphones, tablets, smart watches or PC “laptops” devices from selected brands (“old device(s)”) with almost all new HUAWEI device purchased through United Arab Emirates HUAWEI online store (“new device(s)”) for a certain value payable by the customer.

Customers can click here to check both old and new device models applicable to this trade-in offer.

1.2 Why Choose Trade-in Offer?

  • Personal Data Protection
  • Professional Disassembly
  • Trade in your old device and get a decent discount on the new one
  • Environment Friendly

1.3 Where to Learn about the Trade-in Offer?

Customers can click here to learn more about Trade-in Offer.

2 Applicability

2.1 Effective Time and Dates of Trade-in Offer

This is a long-term offer. Customers can stay tuned on the UAE official HUAWEI Customer Service Website to find more details.

2.2 Applicable Countries and Regions of Trade-in Offer

Applicable Countries and Regions

Non-applicable countries and regions

The United Arab Emirates

Regions and countries outside the United Arab Emirates.

2.3 Applicable Product Category of Trade-in Offer


Applicable Product

Inapplicable Product

Product brand

Old device(s)

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Honor
  • Xiaomi
  • OPPO
  • vivo
  • HP
  • Dell
  • lenovo
  • Asus
  • Acer

The applicable brands vary among different product categories.

Other brands

New device (s)


  • Honor
  • Third-party brand

Product category

Old device(s)

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Laptops
  • Bands
  • Audio products
  • Monitors
  • Smart visions (coming soon)
  • Mobile Broadbands
  • Accessories
  • HiLink products

New device(s)

  • Smartphones
  • PC
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Audio products
  • Routers
  • Monitors
  • Accessories
  • Smart visions (coming soon)
  • HiLink products

Product type

Officially released products

  • Customized products for government and enterprise
  • Products purchased from HUAWEI official channels outside the UAE
  • Demo samples
  • R&D test samples

2.4 Applicable Product Models of Trade-in Offer

Old Device(s)

The trade-in prices are different based on the device models. You can click here to grade the old device (s) and know the value.

New HUAWEI Device(s)

You can click here to find the new HUAWEI devices applicable to this trade-in service. Some of the models can enjoy an additional top-up. Please consult our customer service for more information.

2.5 Applicable Customers of Trade-in Offer

Applicable Customer Type

Inapplicable Customer Type

2C customer

2B customer (Carriers, Distributors, Governments and enterprises)

3 Limitations and Conditions of Trade-in Offer

3.1 Number-of-times Limit of Trade-in Offer

  • There is no number-of-times limit for participating in trade-in service.
  • You can Trade–In up to three (3) devices in one-time transaction.

3.2 Conditions to Avail Trade-in Offer

  • Customer eligible to participate in this offer need to complete the evaluation form by visiting https://tradein-uae.cartlow.com/ within thirty (30) days from his new device purchase date on HUAWEI Online store United Arab Emirates.
  • The Customer shall be at least 18 years old; or have the permission of his/her parent or his/her legal guardian.
  • Customer's personal data and all kind of data available on the old device (Customer's Data) must be cleared by the customer prior to handing it over to the courier and the customer shall be fully responsible for the loss of his/her data.
  • Customer shall remove any SIM card and/or memory cards including customer's data from the old device.
  • HUAWEI and its online Trade-In partner shall not accept liability for the loss of any content, data or any other information including customer's data contained in the old device. HUAWEI associated partner shall not be liable for any costs or damages that may incur because of the loss of data, therefore HUAWEI and its partners including the Trade-In associated partner, and HUAWEI employees, affiliates and branches shall not be liable for any costs or damages that may incur because of the loss of customer's data thereof.
  • HUAWEI shall not be liable to the customer for any loss and/or damages of any kind suffered in connection with the purchase, redemption and/or use of this offer or the inability to use this offer.
  • The customer evaluates his/her eligible device(s) via the https://tradein-uae.cartlow.com/ in order to receive the initial estimation. The final estimation will be decided by the online Trade-In partner appointed by HUAWEI upon the collection of the old device. customer understands and agrees that by participating in this Trade-In offer, the customer may not avail this offer if Trade-In partner's assessment of the old device differs from the grade submitted by the customer and may result in forfeiting its illegibility for the offer. The grading classifications are as follows:


    Faulty / Broken

    Fully Functional

    Faulty device (functional issues)

    No cracks or damage

    Cracked / damaged / broken device

    No Missing Parts (back cover, sim tray, buttons)

    Faulty screen (lines / discoloration / dots)


    Dead Unit (no power)


    Missing Parts (back cover, sim tray or buttons)

    Free from all locks (Device Lock, Google Lock, Apple Lock or Network lock)

    Device Lock, Google Lock, Apple Lock or Network Lock

  • Customers agree to provide HUAWEI associated Trade-In partner with necessary their identification details in order to provide Trade-In Offer service.
  • In order to validate the Trade-In and payment, customers agree to provide the online Trade-In HUAWEI associated partner Website with the necessary order number of the newly purchased device.
  • Vascart and HUAWEI shall be entitled at their own sole discretion and subject to applicable laws, to terminate or modify the offer or to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time prior the offer period or during the offer period within a reasonable advance notice.
  • By participating in this offer, the customer accepts that any dispute which is directly or indirectly related to these Terms and Conditions or to his/her participation in the offer, will be subject to, the governed and construed laws and regulations of the of United Arab Emirates and such disputes shall be resolved by the competent courts in Dubai.

4 Charges and Invoice of Trade-in Offer

4.1 Charges of Trade-in Offer

Customers can click here to check the charges of Trade-in Offer.

For logistic fee and any other extra charge, if necessary, customer can also contact HUAWEI Trade-in partner at 97145616814 (SAT - FRI: 8AM - 8PM) or HUAWEI.tradein@cartlow.com for more information.

4.2 Invoice Obtaining for Trade-in Offer

Upon the completion of trade-in evaluation from our technical team, customers will not receive any kind of invoice but an e-mail containing a Transaction Record instead. The Transaction Record will include the trade-in order number, trade-in product (old device) category, brand and model, the condition of the trade-in product as well as the final trade-in total value.

5 Instructions for Customers

  1. The customer(s) shall purchase the new device by placing an order on HUAWEI Online store United Arab Emirates and get the HUAWEI purchase order number.

  2. Visiting https://tradein-uae.cartlow.com/ > choose the HUAWEI device the customer has purchased> Select the category of the old devices (up to 3) the customer(s) want to trade in > Proceed to trade in

  3. Complete the evaluation form within thirty (30) days from new device purchase date.

  4. After the customer(s) complete the evaluation, back up the data and keep the old device ready, a collection will be arranged within 3-5 working days, and declare the final physical evaluation as a necessary requirement to be eligible for the Trade-In offer.
  5. Receive cashback to bank account by Vascart once the customer completes the Trade-In process.


6.1 How to evaluate my device's value?

Our online platform will automatically calculate the value based on the grading criteria mentioned on the website.

6.2 How do I hand in my old device?

Our trade-in partner will arrange a courier pickup within 5 business days based on your convenience after you receive your new device.

6.3 What should I do before handing over my old device to HUAWEI?

Back up your files, photos and other data. Remove the screen protector, phone case, SIM/memory card and all locks. Our authorized trade-in partner will re-format the device to ensure all personal data has been erased. The erased data cannot be recovered.

6.4 What happens if the trade-in device's condition when received does not match the condition declared on the website when submitting the Trade-in requestion application?

If the received trade-in device's condition did not match or differ from the grade you submitted on the website, a new value will be given by our trade-in partner. If the new value does not meet your expectation, we will return your phone back.

6.5 Do I need to hand in the accessories together with my device?

We require the main device only, no other accessory is needed.

6.6 What to do if I don't accept the final trade-in price from Cartlow?

You can reject the process at any time before payment. The delivery fee will be covered by Cartlow.

6.7 When will I receive the balance trade-in amount?

The trade-in amount will be sent to your specified bank account within 3 working days once the final evaluation is done.

6.8 I cannot find my model in the trade-in list?

If the model you want to trade in is not listed, we currently do not trade-in for this model.

6.9 Can I get cash instead of a bank transfer for a trade-in amount?

No, only bank transfer will be done for security reasons.

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