[UAE] Device Upgrade Premium Service

Applicable products: Smartphone
Applicable products:
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[UAE] Device Upgrade Premium Service

Drop your old device instead of repairing it! Pay an extra money and get a brand-new one at the nearest HUAWEI Walk-in Service Center NOW!!!

1. Service Profile

What is Device Upgrade Premium Service?

To provide you with the fresh experience of HUAWEI device with a lower price, HUAWEI UAE launched Device Upgrade Premium Service. You can get a brand-new device with only a small charge when requesting the repair service for your phone.

Why should I Choose Device Upgrade Premium Service?

  • New device with higher specifications
  • Cost-saving

2. Availability

Time and Dates

This is an ongoing service. Customers can stay tune to the official website to find more details.

Applicable Countries and Regions

Applicable Countries and Regions

Inapplicable Countries and Regions

United Arab Emirates

Countries and regions outside the United Arab Emirates.

Customer service varies by countries and regions, please contact the local Huawei hotline for this campaign in the country or region where you are at.

Applicable Service Centers

You can visit Jumbo Abu Dhabi, HUAWEI Authorized Service Center (ASC) Dubai Sky Tower, Dubai Gloria Building ASC and Deira City Center Service to participate in this activity.

Applicable Product Models & Charging Standard

You can replace your old HUAWEI smartphone with a new one listed in the table below:

New Device Models



The Replacement Price (AED)

nova 10SE


  • Starry Silver
  • Mint Green
  • Starry Black




  • Midnight Black
  • Emerald Green
  • Crystal Blue


3. Limitations and Conditions

Number-of-times Limit

There is no number-of-times limit for participating in this campaign, but you can only submit request once for each old device (Subject to the serial number).

Participation Conditions

No matter your phone is old non-faulty or completely damaged, you can upgrade the device if:

  • The old device is a genunie one regardless of which country you bought it from.
  • All the parts in the old device must be the original HUAWEI parts, any device with part changed or replaced in any unauthorized HUAWEI Customer Service Center will be rejected.
  • The old device cannot lack of any spare parts, such as cameras and screens (excluding accessory chargers).
  • The device cannot be an assembly device or a knockoff device.
  • HUAWEI will provide 12-month warranty for the new device and 6-month warranty for packaged accessories.
  • Refund is not supported for new devices. However, they can be replaced within the first 14 days only causing by manufacturing issues.

4. Available Service Combinations

Available Service Channel

Please participate in the service by visiting a HUAWEI Authorized Service Center directly to replace the device.

If the inventory of the new device is sufficient, you can get your old device evaluated and receive a new one within 2 hours. However, if the new device is not in stock, the inventory arrival time of the store shall prevail.

5. Instructions for Participating in the Service

  1. Submit your old device to us by visiting HUAWEI Service Center directly.
  2. We will evaluate your old device, if it is applicable, then you will be required to only pay a corresponding amount of money (Check the Charging Standard).

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