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Your Gate to Deal with Huawei Devices

Most updated knowledges which can help you to use your device more efficiently.
Fast and Easy gates to get Perfect Service.
News and Informations about New Products and Service Offerings.
All that and more…, can be accurately found in Support App.

Small brief about Support App

Support App has four Main Parts which are: Discover, Services, Forum, and Me.
Red dots means there is some new News, especially in Me Part.

First Part, Me

Under Me part, the user can check the main information about the App.

When the User login to the support App using his Huawei ID,
then he can check his devices connected to his corresponding Huawei ID and his service records.

To receive the notifications about New Service Offerings, New Products, and some important information, the User should activate the receive notification button under settings as it is shown in the second screenshot.

Our notifications divide into:

1- Services: which is about the new services, new offers in service such as maintenance, as well as the needed information which can help the users to maintain Huawei devices very easily such as the methods which help user to reduce battery consumption, the new added Apps to Huawei AppGallery, how to download your favourite Apps, some activities, and much more...

2- Advertisements: these notifications are about the new products, and the offers corresponding to new products, such as its discounts, gifts, and other information about new launched products...

Services Part

It is divided into 5 subparts:

1. The top of the page: it has the name of Device.

2. Suggested: this subpart contains the most problems of the devices and the information about how to solve them, this subpart is categorized to categories based on the device part, so the user can find the required information easily and fast.

3. Quick Services: in here we have shown quick services and others are hidden under more, with a click you can find the service corresponding to that click, for example our agents can be right away with you when you click on livechat or hotline, the prices can be checked from Spare parts,and more than that, please check the quick services subpart.

4. Most viewed: in this subpart, there are 3 banners which are linked to the most 3 important offers and information,this subpart is updated continuously based on the New things and based on customers queries.

5. Nearest Service Center:Offers nearest service center to you.

Services Part, is your Huawei Services Guide in your pocket...

Forum Part

It is divided into 2 subparts:

1. The Top Banners: they are some banners which about the new activities, products, services, etc…

2. Subjects and Discussions: it is about some customers discussions, some questions raised by customers and answered by fans, and sometimes there are some activities are done in the Forum Part.

Forum Part, is the Huawei customers, Fans community

Discover Part

It is divided into 3 subparts:

1.1. Video Clips: short videos which can explain some features of the huawei products so you can learn by watching, this subpart is updated continuously.

1.2. Quick Start: there are some tips corresponding to new products, how to use, what are the features, how to connect and more, this subpart is updated continuously.

2. Recommended: which has 5 different pictures which are linked to 5 different webpages, they are about new products in general, and some services which are provided by Huawei.

3. Service info: periodically, in every Thursday, some articles which explain the new products, new services, and new technologies, some user guides, and some other useful tips are published in that subpart, so we highly recommend you to check this subpart periodically, in weekly basis.

Discover Part, it is where you can update your knowledge about Huawei generally

Note: you can update, rate, and comment by click the red squared icons as shown in the screenshot, if the Blue Button is written OPEN, it means your App's Version is updated, then you just need to click on the comment logo and then rate the App and write the required comment.

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