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HUAWEI MATE10 Lite Care Program

  • Huawei Mate10 Lite Care

    Huawei Mate10 Lite Care is to provide a screen damage warranty by replacing your screen due to any accidental damage cause the screen to break.

    This program provide free service from Huawei to the Mate10 Lite devices purchased from 15th of January 2018 till 25th of January 2018 with Egypt warranty.

    For registering in Huawei Mate10 Lite Care Program, customer has to connect his device to the internet on the same day of purchase to be able to capture activation date.

  • Huawei Mate10 Lite Care Program Duration:

    Huawei Mate10 Lite Care is an offer that includes repairing any screen damage during the first 3 months from activation date from 15th of January 2018 till 25th of January 2018 only one time.

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. 100% original spare parts will be used for repair.

    2. Customer can choose either to send the defective device directly to repair it in Huawei Customer Service Centre or choose for the free pickup and delivery service (Postal Service).

    3. In case of the accidental total damage in which the device is not repairable by replacing components/parts then the customer won’t be entitled for screen replacement.

    4. In case of any accidental damage of components/parts other than the screen customer will need to pay the cost of replacing the other parts while Huawei will replace the screen under the program.

    5. Huawei MATE10 Lite Care program only applicable on the Huawei Mate10 Lite which purchased with Egypt warranty from 15th of January 2018 till 25th of January 2018.

    6. This program cannot be transferred to other models or users.

    In case of any conflict between this service and mandatory local laws and regulations, local laws and regulations shall prevail.

* Terms and Conditions