The rear camera lens is cracked, scratched, or worn out

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The rear camera lens is cracked, scratched, or worn out

We are very sorry to hear this news. If the rear camera lens have been cracked, scratched, or wear out, it may affect camera performance. If it have already affected your normal camera usage, it is recommended that you back up the data in advance and visit the nearby Huawei Customer Service Centre for maintenance.

  1. About the material of the camera lens

The camera lens of the mobile phone is made of high-strength aluminum-silicon glass, which is an alkali-free pressure-resistant glass with excellent high-pressure resistance, high hardness and scratch resistance. To a certain extent, it can reduce the risk of scratching, crushing and wearing of the lens, this is also the most commonly used camera lens glass material in the world.

2. What tests have been done on the camera lens of the mobile phone?

In order to verify the reliability of the mobile phone screen design, we did intensive extrusion, drop and roller testing to ensure that the design meets the demand.

After the mass production of mobile phones, in order to ensure that each batch of products can meet the shipping standards, each batch of production will draw out a certain percentage of mobile phones to do drop test or roller test, in which the len's stability is tested. If the test is not qualified, the entire batch will be evaluate for risks and tests, or even rework to make the sure the quality before they can be shipped.

3. The reason why the lens of the camera is damaged, scratched and worn out

As the mobile phone tends to be thinner and lighter, and the size of the mobile phone camera is increasing, in order to improve camera performance. Then the glass lens of the camera is often higher than the back cover, this will also increases the risk of the lens being broken and scratched.

Although the strength protection of mobile phones is continuously optimised and improved, the detection of Huawei production lines is more perfect, but from the shape design, it is objectively determined that the camera lens glass will be easily broken when it is directly in contact with the ground or other hard interfaces.

4. About the maintenance of the camera lens

If the the back camera lens glass is broken, scratched or worn out due to mishandling or accident, it is not covered by the warranty. The specific repair method and the price will be subjected to the service centre.

5. Warm advice

1. It is recommended that you use a mobile phone case that wraps around the edge of the camera lens.

2. You can also purchase a camera lens protector that specifically protects the camera lens, and reduce the risk of lens damage.

3. Try to avoid putting your phone together with sharp objects (such as keys, gravel, etc.) or accidentally contact your phone with a sharp object.

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