The charger overheats during charging

Applicable products: Smartphone
The charger overheats during charging

It is common for electronic products to generate heat during charging. Phones that support Quick Charge and SuperCharge will need a high current and voltage during charging, so the temperature will be higher compared to phones using standard charging.

The phone's temperature during charging could also be affected by the surroundings, so we suggest you to avoid the following scenarios:

  1. Using a non-standard charger: A non-original charger is susceptible to current and voltage fluctuations, which could be incompatible with the phone charging protocol and generate extra heat.
  2. Charging the phone in an environment with high temperatures or poor air ventilation such as in a car, using a power bank outdoors in the summer, or accidentally covering the phone with a quilt will affect the phone's heat dissipation and increase the phone's temperature.
  3. Running apps that consume a lot of power during charging, such as game or video playback apps, may cause the phone's internal components to generate heat.

If you charge the phone with a standard charger when the room temperature is around 25℃ but the phone still generates more heat than usual or even displays a warning that the phone is overheating, we suggest you remove the charger, please back up your data, and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorised Huawei Customer Service Centre for assistance.

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