Back up to an external storage drive using File History

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File History in Windows 10 allows you to back up your files, music, images, videos, and folders periodically. Restore these data easily if the originals are lost, damaged, or deleted. You can also view and restore different versions of these data.

  1. To do this, connect your external storage device to the computer.
  2. Click the Windows icon and then the Settings icon, select Update & Security.

  3. Go to Backup and click + to add a device under Back up using File History.

  4. Automatically back up my files will be automatically enabled. Click More options to open Backup options page. Click Back up now to back up files to your external drive. Set your backup time under Back up my files. Click Add a folder to add other folders you want to back up. Click Stop using drive to eject the external storage drive from computer. Click Restore files from a current backup to view history of file backups.

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